Hey guys, got a tournament at school, and just wondering if you had any ideas for a combat patrol list? (400pts, combat patrol rules from main rule book)

heres my old list, which i won the tourney with last year:
-6 tacticals with heavy botler and plasma gun
-5 devastators with 4 missile launchers
-land speeder tornado with heavy botler ans assault cannon
-land speeder with heavy botler.

any ideas on how to improve this? possible changes? all is welcome!

heres my second idea for a list i had:
-10 tacticals with heavy bolter
-10 tacticals with heavy botler
-5 tacticals with lascannon

this is no where near as shooty or mobile as teh other one, but it has 25 marines in 400pts, nothing to be sniffed at!

again any idea on how to improve? possible changes? again all comments welcome

thanks in advance.. chax!