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    1500 Traited Marines

    I have a 1500 point battle coming up against an Eldar player. He used to play Ulethwe almost exclusively but he beginning to branch out. Therefore I'm trying to change my tactics and force composition a bit.

    The traits I have are No Remorse, No Respite / Take the fight to the Enemy / Eye to Eye

    Librarian - FotD, FotA, Honors, Iron Halo, Bionics, bp - 176
    Command Squad - Sgt + 7 marines 2 w/Meltaguns, Drop Pod - 170

    Dreadnought - Extra Armor, Heavy Flamer, Searchlight, Smoke, Drop Pod - 154

    Fast Attack
    Landspeeder Tornado Squadron x3 - 240 (Trait restriction)

    Heavy Support
    Devastator Squad - Sgt + 7 marines 4 w/missile launchers - 200

    Tac Squad 1 - Sgt + 7 marines 1 w/Meltagun, Honors, Powerfist, Drop Pod - 190
    Tac Squad 2 - Sgt + 7 marines 1 w/Meltagun, Honors, Powerfist, Drop Pod - 190
    Scout Squad 1 - Sgt + 4 marines 5 w/sniper rifles - 90
    Scout Squad 2 - Sgt + 4 marines 5 w/sniper rifles - 90

    The plan is to use the Landspeeders and Dev squad to blow up or mangle some of the heavy stuff he'll have while using the snipers to hopefully pin and slow down any of his exposed infantry.

    Then the pods arrive and sew death and mayhem along the battlefield. Tac squads will come in and pepper anything nearby with bolter shells. The Dreadnought will burn stuff out of cover and rend anything it can reach. And the Librarian and his command squad hopefully send a whole flank reeling.

    Constructive critisism welcomed.

    May your aim be true, and your targets plentiful.

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    Your biggest problem is you have either too much, or not enough drop podding. Either go 100% drop pod and don't start with anything on the table, or start with more on the table. As it is, if you lose first turn, your oppnent with have 2 turns of concentrationg 100% of his army on less then 50% of yours. How long do you think you can survive that? then on turn 2 you will get half of your Drop Pods, so his army will make quick work of the 25% that just showed up...and so forth on the 3rd turn.

    I know your restriced because of your disadvantage, but 3 speeders in one unit is a REALLY bad idea. You are likely to lose 2 or all 3 of them to one unit shooting at you...especially if you lose first turn when your oppenent can get easy penetrating hits.

    I'm sorry to be so harsh but you need to rethink the whole stratagy of the list.

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    Sinjin makes some points that are valid, but let me elaborate on the LST squadron...

    If you engage things with this 3 in one slot grouping, put it on the flank and for the first couple of turns attack units that you know it will kill without exposing them to the rest of your opponent's army. As tempting as it may seem, don't go flying them right up the middle next to his Falcons or whatever because they will get blown apart.

    Also remember that all types of hits on this squadron are done in the same way that wounds are allocated to a squad- your opponent rolls to hit, then the hits are distributed over the squadron BEFORE rolling for glances (and pens, but there shouldn't be any pens if you moved them right!).

    For example, say your opponent scores six hits on your three speeders. Two hits are allocated to each speeder, then you roll for the damage. If he rolls two glances on the same speeder, but none on the next one in line, that second glance still applies to the first speeder and the second one remains unmolested. Make sense? I've gotten screwed by this before is the reason I've taken up so much space mentioning it.

    The other thing I'd examine is your snipers. Five snipers in most cases isn't enough to reliably pin stuff, but with the overall crappy Eldar armor save, you might get away with it. Just remember that your opponent will get armor saves against your snipers and you have to wound at least one model to pin the unit. I'd suggest making one large sniper unit instead of two small ones, but as I said, in this instance of fighting Eldar, it might work out for you.

    Sinjin is also correct on the drop pod thing- if you play this list the way it is, your first few turns should be spent on the defensive so you aren't giving your opponent two small bites to digest rather than one big one he might choke on. Give it a shot and see how it works, but don't be too discouraged if your drop pods string you out a bit. I'd say at this level maybe only DS the Dread and use the points you saved to add in another small tac squad, but that's just me.

    Play the list and and see how it does. It's the best way to learn.
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