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    400pt. CPatrol list - freindly

    I created my own chapter and had a ton of fun modeling and painting these guys for a recent combat patrol tourney. I went with a desert theme and created some backstory to really get into it.

    Here is my list for you all to review!


    Tactical Squad: 6 w/bolters 1 w/M.Launcher = 115pts.
    Scout Squad: 2 w/bolters 2/Sniper Rifles 1 w/H.Bolter ALL w/Frags = 85


    Assault Squad: 5 w/ Jump Packs, CCombat weapon, BPistol & Melta Bomb's = 120
    Land Speeder Tornado: w/ HBolter & Assault Cannon = 80


    So let me know what you think.

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    Meltabombs aren't really useful in Combat Patrol. What do you expect to face that an Assault cannon and Missile Launcher won't kill?

    The scout squad is a bit of a problem. It's got too few men to split its uses.
    If you remove the meltabombs you'll be able to give the Scouts all Sniper Rifles & that Heavy Bolter. But if you do, Frags are going to be useless.

    So you have 2 choices with the troops choices that I present... make of them what you will (Twhis all hinges on the removal of the Meltabombs).
    1. Scout squad: 4 Sniper scouts, 1 Heavy Bolter... Tactical squad: 5 Bolters, 1 Lascannon... This adds some more Anti-tank to your tacs (which have more - well armoured - bodies) and the anti infantry goes to the Scouts.
    2. Scout squad: 4 Bolters, 1 Missile Launcher... Tactical squad, 4 Bolters, Plasma gun, Heavy Bolter... You've now got an anti-tank Scout squad with a VERY mobile missile launcher (al-la infiltrate) and the Tactical squad will rip infantry to shreds.
    The LST is awesome in CP. Remove it and be forever silly.
    Post your army lists in the ARMY LIST section! Not that hard!

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