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    My next new Guard Army Theme

    Well its time to make a new Guard army. And this time I want a unique, very colorful, theme for them. I have some ideas and owuld like some feedback abot them. Anythign from... "dont sacrifice useability for theme!" to "OOOH! you should use these for those guys!"

    Army Ideas:
    • Mining colony
      From a Nomadic society that mines the hell out of small planets till there is nothing left and moves on to new worlds.

      I thought I could model them with rust orange clothes, yellow helmets and maybe black and yellow caution striped armor pads or something. Putting lots of dirt on there boots and pants. I could use lots of meltaguns ad explain that they double as mining equipment. I could even jsutify drop troops or light infantry in this way as they are able to dig and used to dificult terrain. Only drawback for me is Rough Riders of no sort really seem to fit, and I really enjoy using those guys.
    • Space Rogues
      Pirates. In space. Yea thats right I said pirates. Answering to no man and constantly on the run from the law of the Imperium. Hiding in warp storms and asteroid clusters. These cut throat criminals are geared towards close quarters ship combat.

      I could use the parrots as trademark items. Rally go hog wild with the vets with peg legs, eye patches, scimitars, hook hands, etc. Ogryns would HAVE to make an apperance here. I coudl be very colorful and at the same time keep with the theme. Only problem is the IG models dont really look very um... piratey.
    • Scavengers/Salvage
      These dogs are nothing but either Imperial scavengers or offical empire salvage teams. Orbital teams with suits.

      I have always wanted to try and model some space suit IG. Maybe getting some clear plastic like I use for water to cover there faces in to make it look like a mask. Add little O2 tanks and the like. I could thematically use demo charges and use th eblack and yellow stripes again here. Ogryns in space suits... I mean come one they haev to be there on slavage jobs, they are strong as hell! Meltagns to cut everything open. Maybe StormTroopers are Guards for the workers?

      Im not too concerned about vehicles as I already dont use any but Sentinels. I find they are too much a liability in this worl of meltaguns and tau antiarmor weaponry. For the same price I can get a but load more men... When in doubt, throw more men at it
    • Gamblers of Gazben - Colonel Clubs Blackjacks
      THis one has a quite developed backstory actually: The 7th division of Gazben where gambling goes hand in hand with the peoples ardent belief in luck or fate. The people of Gazben believe that the Emporer brings salvation but only the Lady of Luck, an ancient icon of fortune from times long since past, can save them from a deadly fate.
      Because the people of Gazben believe so heavily that they cannot be killed till fate decrees so, they have almsot no fear of any enemy. They also utilize the most dangerous weapons such as plasma and demolition charges because they feel that they will not backfire or explode unless they were destined to die that day, and Lady Luck only blesses those who take what others may call "risks". Gambling is the most common pasttime on Gazben.
      Lady Luck appears on all their banners (depending on my painting skills or ability to find a way to make some transfers :-P)

      Conversions galore here. And I have an excuse to use suicide units! Rough riders on dirtbikes, specail weapon squad demo charges, etc. I can use drop troops or stick with vehicles, drop troops seem to REALLY fit the suicidal thing. THe vehicles would be great for painting bomber type chicks on and the like. Vets can carry cards in ther ehelmets and I can spreadvarios luck charms throughout the army. Plasma guns EVERYWHERE. But thats okay cuz I really like plasma guns and enjoy giving mastercrafted plasma pistols to peoples in my armies anyway.

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    You'd probably get better responses in the 40k fluff forum, however I quite like the fearless gamblers from Gazben.

    ... only triumph could turn pooing his pants into a good thing..

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    I like the Space Rogues. Necromunda and Catachan models would be great here. True pirates would have mixed squads with all the different IG army uniforms.

    Actually, I envisioned Rogue Traders when you said this, originally. You could even take a sanctioned psyker to "count as" a navigator!

    But either way, parrots are always cool.
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    RecklessFable's Journey to Mediocrity (Painting an IG army)
    I've been addicted to World of Tanks lately and neglecting my IG... But it is so... much... fun!

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