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    Harakoni Warhawks - 2000 pts - comments!


    I'm currently working on a Harakoni Warhawks project. I have a single squad currently completed (see the Conversions forum), but because it is quite time-consuming creating the carapace armour, I'm really looking for some advice on whether this list is workable and whether it shoud be tweaked.

    Some principles for my list have been I wanted a heavy weapon-oriented list. It's a drop trooper army, so no tanks or other vehicles. I've shied away from the Foregworld flyers, simply because I don;t hav storage space for larger vehicles!

    So, here we go...

    Harakoni Warhawks

    Drop troopers
    Special weapon squads
    Carapace armour
    Heavy weapon platoons
    Storm troopers

    Command squad (115)
    Heroic senior officer, master voxcaster, carapace armour

    Fire support squad (100)
    Heavy bolters x 3, carapace armour

    Mortar squad (100)
    Carapace armour

    Special weapons squad (100)
    Melta guns x 3, carapace armour

    Special weapons squad (85)
    Sniper rifles x 3

    Storm troopers (10) (141)
    Veteran sergeant, melta guns (x 2), voxcaster, deep strike

    Alpha platoon
    Command squad (110)
    Junior officer, carapace armour, lascannon, voxcaster

    Infantry squad x 2 (202)
    Veteran sergeant, plasma gun, voxcaster, carapace armour

    Beta platoon (304)
    As alpha platoon, but with grenade launchers (not plasma guns)

    Fast attack
    Sentinels x 2 (120)
    Lascannon, extra armour

    Heavy support
    Command squad (110)
    Junior officer, carapace armour, lascannon

    Anti-tank squad (115)
    Missile launchers x 3, carapace armour

    Fire support squad (115)
    Autocannons x 3, carapace armour


    ...that leaves me with almost 300 spare. How should it be spent? I'm thinking another sentinel or two would be good, and then maybe some ore heavy support options. My plan is to use the platoons as a meat shield, effectively, whilst dropping the heavier guns into cover and into good firing positions. Once I have most of the heavy weapon units deployed, I'm pretty sure that ost armies will get pulverised by a few turns of fire.

    I haven;t used many lascannons deliberately. They are quite expensive, and I think that 3 autocannons will probably be just as good. However, what do others think about this? Maybe I need a real tank-hunter unit of 3 lascannons just in case...

    Thanks in advance for any assistance

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    more heavy bolters and lascannon and many off them...

    why do you have mortars in a drop army this is wierd, drop them they are almost useless in a drop trop army

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    I'm trying to play the first few turns in my head by planning against you:

    Suicide special weapons squads in reserve, maybe some other squads. Maybe a Sentinel as well.

    Not sure how Vox works, but usually the HQs should not have heavy weapons since they should be hiding, though you could afford to put one at risk and maybe go suicide plas or melta with them.

    You shouldn't droptroop the heavy squads, because they count as moving even on the turn they show up. But you probably figured that out.

    Mortars have never been effective against my marines, I usually ignore them and bunch up in cover anyway.

    Snipers... Are 3 snipers really that useful? Dunno really, not against MEQs... But in an infantry army, you can indulge in flavorful units since there are so many.

    Beta's grenade launchers, wel, they aren't AP3 or better, so little fear here.

    As for the extra points. Without tanks, you need weight of fire. Hate to say it, since it means a ton more work for you, but my answer would be Gamma Platoon ...

    ... and definitely another Lascannon squad.

    I think my suggestions just added a lot of $$ to your army, sorry about that.
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    Take three five-man vet squads with three plasmas each. Drop the mortars, snipers (what are they doing in a drop army?), and special weapons squads (too expensive). Drop the vox network, since your command squad can't help when it is off of the table, and your army will probably be dropping in the same general vicinity. Add two special weapon squads with demolition charges. Personally, I would drop the heavy weapons and replace them with special weapon guardsmen, but that might be a bit much. Fill all of the extra points with guard squads. Numbers really matter with drop armies. Good luck.
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