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    2000 pt BA friendly

    I really like this list, and I was just wondering what yall thought........

    Hq; MoS
    -death company

    Hq; Sanguitary high priest
    -term honors

    3X Trp. scouts ( 8 )
    -ccw and bp
    -vet w/ PF
    -140 X 3=420pts

    2X trp. Tactical ( 8 )
    -missile launcher
    -plasma gun
    -163 X 2= 326

    2X Fast attack; Assualt squad ( 10 )
    -ccw and bps
    -255 X2= 550

    Fast attack; land speeder typhoon

    -heavy; dred
    -missile launcher

    heavy; baal predator
    -heavy bolters
    - exa

    total 2000 pts.

    Im expecting a big DC, and plan on assalting alot. Pretty much the MoS, and the SHP will fly their assault marines into the battle, the scouts will be harassing units, who can tie up threats till the assualt marines get there. the rest is just support. The landspeeder is just because I had a few extra points, and I have never used one before.S what do yall think????????????????????

    -Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit Of All Who Threaten It-
    -It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees-

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    There are some things i would like to comment upon.

    How did you get meltas into the Assault squad? Standard assault marines can't take meltas, while the Veteran Assault marines (which do allow meltas in the squad) are horribly expensive.

    Why such a weird setup for the LS? The two weapons don't complement each other. the typhoon missile is good for troop-killing, but the melta is for tank hunting. Besides there's a horrible range misfit. i'd recommend either changing the MM to the HB or just taking the AC+HB tornado LS (for troop-killing)or just taking a simple MM speeder (for tank hunting).

    Why frags on your tacs? Their not gonna be assaulting anytime soon - your scouts and jumpers will beat them to it. Lose the frags and possibly lose 2 men each - you can make do with 6 marines in each squad.

    Plz take Termie Hons for the Chap. extra attack at Str5 I6 and re-roll to hit? yes plz.

    hope i helped

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