My goal is basically to build a versatile army that can take most races. I'll only be battling several friends (Chaos, Tyrannid, Tau) and at the local store.

The Army lists is just for all the models I'll get, and I won't expect to fight with them all, all the time. I just need some advice as to whether these are good choices that can deal with most threats.

Trait Advantages

See but don’t be Seen
Suffer not the Works of Heretics

Major Disadvantage
Eye to Eye

Minor Disadvantage
Death before Dishonour

[1] Librarian
+Veil of Time
+Might of Heroes
+Bolt Pistol
[5] Command Squad
+Frag Grenades
+Melta Gun
+Plasma Gun
+Company Standard Bearer
+Chapter Banner
+Company Champion
+Terminator Honour
+Pair of Lightning Claws
+Furious Charge x5
+Infiltrate x6

Master of Sanctity
[1] Chaplain
+Storm Bolter
+Terminator Armour
+Iron Halo
[5] Assault Terminator Squad
+Furious Charge x5

Venerable Dreadnought
[1] Dreadnought
+Furious Charge
+Extra Armour
+Drop Pod

[5] Scout Squad
+Heavy Bolter
+Terminator Honours
+Teleport Homer

[5] Scout Squad
+Sniper Rifles x4
+Missile Launcher

[5] Tactical Squad
+Plasma Gun
+Tank Hunter

[5] Tactical Squad
+Plasma Gun
+Tank Hunter

[5] Tactical Squad
+Missile Launcher

[10] Tactical Squad
+Drop Pod

Fast Attack
[10] Assault Squad
+Terminator Honours
+Drop Pod

Heavy Support
[8] Devastator Squad
+Heavy Bolter x2
+Plasma Cannon x2
+Infiltrate x8
+Tank Hunter x2

[1] Whirlwind

Army Total=2243

As you can see, my goal is for a highly flexible army that can quickly engage different threats. I realize that i'll probably face many morale checks for 50% casualties but a small price to pay (i think) for a highly responsive army that is good against vehicles and heavy infantry.