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    Help for a newcomer to SOB

    For a while now i have had a small imperial guard army which i play a few friendlies games with some friends. I like the Ig men and tankls etc but i need a good solid backbone with a good save. Thats were the witch hunters come in. Im going out to buy the codex this week but im just wondering if you could help me with making a list

    at the moment i have

    1 leman russ
    1 chimera
    20 troops
    3 autocannon teams

    Now to start to this i want to add to SOB squads and a squad of IST to go with the chimera na dobivuosly 1 Witchhunter Inquisitor as my HQ. Anyone help would be appreicated with strength weaknesses or what i should buy to get my army going.

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    Buy SOB squads - this is what gives you Faith Points and Bolters... Maybe 3 boxes, since you need at least 2 to take as required troops? They could use some Rhinos too... Seraphis could be used to very good effect in your army aswell...After that get a =][= with 3 heavy Bolter servitors and whatever else you want to add for a shooting HQ to make the army legal... I would stay away from ISTs in your configuration - they will give you no boost in your configuration. Also, get another Chimera to be able to field to Armored Fist squads... Next one on my list would be Canoness (not sure why you want =][= over her, but I guess it would be more fluffy your way)...


    1) 3 squads of SOBs (with Rhinos) or 2 and one squad of Seraphims,
    2) Play some games and plan accordingly
    3) =][= with Retinue (or Canoness) of your choice,
    4) Play some games and plan accordingly
    5) Chimera for your IG troops or =][=
    6) Play some games and plan accordingly

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