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    Evil balanced marine army.. rip it apart

    171 Master
    -Lightning Claws, Frags, Iron Halo, Terminator Honor, Teleport Homer

    280 Terminator Squad (6x)
    -2x Assault Cannon

    168 Devastator Squad (6x)
    -3x Missille Launcher, Infiltrate

    205 Drop Pod Tactical Squad (8x)
    -VetSG w/PF+BP, 2x Plasma Gun

    115 Tactical Squad (6x)
    -Lascannon, Plasma Gun

    100 Tactical Squad (5x)
    -Lascannon, Plasma Gun

    216 Assault Squad (8x)
    -VetSG w/PF+BP, 2x Plasma Pistol

    160 Landspeeder Tornado

    135 Devastator Squad (6x)
    -3x Heavy Bolter

    158 Vindicator
    -POTMS, Smoke

    139 Predator Annihilator
    -Heavy Bolter Sponsons, Extra Armour, Smoke, Searchlight

    1847 point

    Traits: Honour Your Wargear & Cleanse And Purify

    HB Devastators and 2 las/plasma tacs provide firesupport, with ML devastator infiltrating.
    Predator & Vindicator go 12' and pop smoke, with Assault squad, with Master attached, right behind this moving wall.
    Landspeeders provide mobil firesupport were needed.
    Deepstrike terminators via Homer, so they can provide close firesupport for the assault squad.
    Drop Pod tactical squad to support assault squad with rapid fire.
    Pred & Vindi Pounder enemy.
    Assault marines & master kick enemy butt

    Outshoot and Counter Assault

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