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    2000 pts. of Space Wolves

    Well, after many rough drafts and many opinions from u guys , I finally got a list that an experienced Space Wolf player said is a good list. Tell me what u think about it:

    HQ:415 points
    *Wolf Lord "Titus":151 pts.
    w/frost blade,terminator armor,stormbolter,Belt of Russ,Wolf-tooth necklace,frag grenade
    *Venearable Dreadnought "Halgrim Ironhelm":163 pts.
    w/Assult Cannon,CCW w/stormbolter,extra armor,smoke launchers
    *Rune Priest:101 pts.
    w/frostblade,wolf-tooth necklace,frag grenades

    Elites:254 points
    *Scout Squad:134 pts.
    *Wolf Guard Leader #1:60 pts.
    w/PW,PP,wolf-tooth necklace
    *Wolf Guard Leader #2:60 pts.(w/Scouts)
    w/PW,PP,wolf-tooth necklace

    Troops: 972 points
    *Grey Hunter "Alpha":192 pts.
    *Grey Hunter "Beta":192 pts.
    *Blood Claw Pack "Red":196 pts.(w/Wolf Lord)
    w/(1x)PF,(8x)Blood Claws,rino w/extra armor,smokw launchers
    *Blood Claw Pack "Yellow":196 pts.(w/Rune Priest)
    w/(1x)PF,(8x)Blood Claws,rino w/extra armor,smokw launchers
    *Blood Claw Pack "Black":196 pts.(w/Wolf Guard Leader #1)
    w/(1x)PF,(8x)Blood Claws,rino w/extra armor,smokw launchers

    Fast Attack: 83 points
    Landspedder Tornado:83 pts.
    w/Hvy. Bolter,Assult Cannon, smoke launchers

    Heavy Support: 276 points
    *Predator #1:138 pts.
    w/twin-linked Lascannon turrent,Hvy. Bolter side sponsors,extra armor,smoke launchers
    *Predator #2:138 pts.
    w/twin-linked Lascannon turrent,Hvy. Bolter side sponsors,extra armor,smoke launchers

    Total: 2000 points total

    So, plz tell me your opinions. Thnx

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    Senior Member Morkai's Avatar
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    Simply my personal opinion but a few things could be changed. The list looks fairly solid on the whole but I would change a few things.

    First: the wolf lord, He is a great hard hitting unit but he really needs a bodyguard to maximise his effectiveness. Having the lone character can be effective, but it's horrible to see him get blasted apart by a single lascannon blast. (Learnt that the hard way with my ork warboss) I'd be in favour of maybe removing the terminator gear and placing him with one of the oter packs.

    Second: The wolf scouts, I really love wolf scouts but the gear you've gien them could lead to some problems. Generally meltabombs aren't worth it for them (in my opinion, I've heard others swear by them). Generally I give them some plasma pistols and a meltagun and leave it at that. (being my sacrificial tank hunters best to keep them cheap).

    Third: The rhinos, I'm really not all tht fond of rhinos. They're fairly expensive for something that can be blown apart so easily. Mind you my footslogging route isn't all that much better. Dropping those three rhinos will give you more points for bloodclaws and thus more powerfists. Just my opinion.

    Well thats pretty much my comments. Pretty good list on the whole except for the few things I would change. Take it or leave it.
    Gargrimz Green Deff
    W:10 D:4 L:5

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