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    1000 pt. radical

    Here's my first attempt at a Radical list. I made it because my puritans don't do too well at 1000 pts. Any advice is appreciated.

    Inquisitor Lord.............................292
    -Gun Servitor (Plasma Cannon)
    -2 Gun Servitors (Heavy Bolters)
    -2 Sages

    3 Demonhosts.............................255

    3 Deathcult Assassins...................120

    5 Stormtroopers...........................128
    -2 meltaguns
    -Smoke and Extra Armor

    8 Stormtroopers...........................100
    -2 Plasma Guns

    8 Stormtroopers...........................100
    -2 Plasma Guns

    Total: 995

    The melta squad will be my main anti-tank unit with the plasma guys filling in with the light armor as well as anti-infantry duties. I'm not sure whether or not I should take out 1 squad and put the other in a Chimera. The Inquisitor is an obvious firebase and I will use the demonhosts and assassins for their cc ability while the rest of the army shoots as fast as possible.

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    The problem with your list, as I see it, is too many points invested in your Elites. Almost 1/2 your points in just six fragile/random models that aren't scoring units. By all means take some of those elites -- almost the only reasons to go radical to begin with -- but I think you're sacrificing your combat effectiveness as a result. I wouldn't take more than 2 daemonhosts, max, and for assassins I'd take an eversor or a callidus over any number of death cultists. Keep your elites expenditure to 20% of your list or less -- less is best! -- and then you can bulk up on troops.

    I'd want chimeras for your plasma IST squads and/or a couple more IST squads, too. I don't think you have enough bodies to win the day. In the full DH list, ISTs are great cheap troops choices. In a radical DH list, ISTs are expensive drags that offer very little real value when compared to every other 40K army. You therefore need to maximize what does make them useful: body count, special weapons, and light tanks. Short yourself in any of those categories, and you're in trouble.

    Honestly, in any radical list, I'd take no more than a pair of IST squads as required troops, and then take the rest of my infantry as inductees, either IG or SM. Even with limited selection, and no traits or doctrines, you'll get more bang for your buck out of those inductees then you will out of ISTs.
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