alright, i've hammered the list to about as finished as i'm ever gonna be..(unless of course i get some extra $$ for X-mas)


Reclusiarch ++
Jump pack
Term honors
Bolt Pistol


10 Man SM squad
2 Plasma Guns

10 Man SM squad
2 Plasma Guns

5 Man lascannon team

5 man lascannon team


Dreadnaught -Kane-
extra armor

Dreadnaught -Able-

10 man assault squad
2 Plasma Pistols
Vet Sarge powerfist

8 man Dev Squad
4 ML

traits = Cleans , The other one that allows tacs/devs to infiltrate
Drawback = No Drop pods/0-1 land speeders

that's 49 units total....48 units that attribute to a score.......

Once again...I like winning my fair share, i'm a great tactician at times...but a terrible one at others (i have commitment problems..if something's going wrong i stay the me George W)

the only tourneys i'll be in are lax ones at local shops where the only strictness really is the pts count...In which I believe with this setup i have 4pts left over..SOMETHING around there........but go me a new one