this is a 1850 list for the Black Temp.

Emp. Champ. (suffer not the unclean to live)

Marshal, Terminator armour (twin lighting claws), term. command squad (2 heavy flamers, furiouse assault, vet. sgt. w/ thunderhammer/stormshield)

Chaplain[more expencive one] Terminator armour (crasarious, storm bolter) term. command squad (2 cyclone launchers, tank hunters, vet. sgt. w/ thunderhammer/stormshild)

x2 squads of Assault Terminators (each is x3 lightnight claws, x2 thunderhammer/stormshields) furiouse assault on both

x2 crusader squads of 5 people (1 heavy bolter, 4 bolters) w/ razorback transports(heavy bolters and storm bolters)

x1 crusader squads of 5 people (1 lazcannon, 4 bolters) w/ razorback transport (lazcannons, extra armour)

yeah, fun list...

i have all models, what you see is what you get (aka, modeled appropriately) with exception to two of the razorbacks, which i dont own as of yet (one HB style, and the LAZ style)

i like, it, its a fun list