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    2000 points of Imperial Fists

    Hey. Starting to play as the Space Marines, I came up with this army list and would just like to know what you think.

    HQ:557 points
    *Captian Lysander:170 pts.
    -w/terminator armor,Fist of Dorn,Storm Sheild,purity seals
    *Terminator Command Squad:280 pts.
    -w/(2x)assult cannons,PF,(4x)PF,Stormbolter
    *Reclusiarch:107 pts.
    -w/Crozius Arcanum,BP,Rosarius,frag grenades,Jump Pack

    Elites:394 points
    *Dreadnought:140 pts.
    -w/twin-linked lascannon,missle launcher,extra armor
    *Veteran Squad:254pts..
    -w/(3x)BP,CCW,(3x)PW,BP,Razorback w/Twin-linked lascannon,smoke launchers,extra armor

    Troops:480 points
    *Tactical Squad "Alpha":160 pts.
    *Tactical Squad "Beta":160 pts.
    *Tactical Squad "Delta":160 pts.

    Fast Attack:179 points
    *Assult Squad: 179 pts. (w/Reclusiarch)

    Heavy Support:390 points
    *Land Raider Crusader:265 pts.(w/Command Squad)
    *Vindicator:125 pts.

    Total:2,000 points

    Well, what do you think.:yes:

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    I think this list needs a lot of work.

    Following are the points that you should consider.

    1) Captain Lysander is a pile of garbage unless you are using what is known as a "lysander list" The reason is he breaks the cardinal rule, which is never have an IC go last in combat. With his thunder hammer he always goes last like a power fist, so his good Init is wasted, and it is too easy for your opponent to select casualties to negate or limit his effectiveness, or kill him before he can strike.

    2) you need to give the Chaplain Terminator Honors.

    3) if you want to have a terminator squad busting out of a Land Raider, make it an assault squad. You can't fire the Assault canons out of the LR, so all that fire-power is wasted until you get into position...and then you are assaulting... You want Assault cannons firing every turn.

    4) for just a few more points then the Dread you can have a Predator with more firepower and better armor.

    5) Veteran squad - There would be many ways to accomplish this same function, and spend less points, and/or do it more effectively.

    6) These are awesome troop choices, but they will be left behind your other squads. Plus, with the assault squad, the Vet squad and their Razorback, the LR and the command squad, which will all be way ahead of them, these guys will have difficulty getting LoS to anything.

    So, the individual squads don't look so bad, but they way you have it put together could really use some work.

    *Lysander List. A lysander list is a list using Lysanders special ability to re-roll reserve rolls for Teleporting Termies, and have them ALL come in with that one roll. It's a list where you take 4 or 5 squads of Terminators all with 2 assault cannons, that will all appear right where you want them to on turn 2. AT 1500 points you would have 2 scout squad as your troop choices both with teleport homers to call them in safely. At 2000 points you would probably have some 5 man las/plas squads and a bike squad or 2 with the teleport homers. The idea is that all the termie squads land at the same time, safely, and shoot the hell out of everything turn 2. It's a very effective list, but with so many terminators your model count is very low.

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