I just started playing 40k again after a long hiatus (quit after 2nd edit.) and have chosen the Guard as my force. My main opponent currently is my wife and her Eldar. Although, I will also face off ag. Grey Knights, Necrons, Tau and Nurgle occasionally. I lost the first two games ag. my wife, so I am revamping my army. I only have limited models, and I really dont have the figs to put this together yet, but it will be a starting point.
Iron Discipline, Sharpshooters, Drop Troops, Grenadiers, Special Weapon Squads

Command Platoon
HSO with Iron Discipline, LasPistol, Power Weap
Master Vox, Standard Bearer, Mortar

AT Squad
3 LasCannons

Spec. Weapon Squad
Drop Troops, Sharpshooters, 2xMelta Guns, Demo Charge

Inf. Platoon
JO w/HI, Iron Discipline, Drop Troop, Refractor Field, BoltPistol, Power Weap.
Vox, Plasma gun, 2xVets with CCW, Plasma Pistol, melta bombs

Squad with Vet Sarge
Drop, Sharpshooters, Vox, Meltagun, sarge w/ ccw and stormbolter

Squad(same as above)

Inf. Platoon 2
JO w/ Iron Discipline, Bolt Pistol, CCW
Vox, Heavy bolter

vox, heavy bolter, plasma gun

Squad(same as above)

vox, missile launcher, plasma gun

Leman Russ tank with hull HB, sponson Hb and pintle stubber

2x Sentinals w/ autocannons

Grenadiers(full squad)
Vet sarge with Power weap, melta bombs
troops with plasma gun, melta gun
Chimera w/ multilaser, hull HB and pintle stubber

total 1500pts