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Thread: 2000 pt list

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    2000 pt list

    My own creation battalion, based of tallarn

    Light infantry
    Independent Commissars
    Conscript platoons
    Special weapon squads.


    Hq – 345

    Heroic Senior Officer - 95
    Power weapon, carapace armor, missile launcher

    Mortor support squad - 80

    2 special weapon squads -170
    w/ light infantry, 2 melta guns, 1 demolition charge

    Elites – 180

    2 commissars - 180
    w/ power weapon, power first, refractor fields

    Troops – 1475

    2 Conscript platoons – 400
    50 conscripts

    Platoon 1 – 560

    Junior officer – 55
    Missile launcher

    Mortar support quad – 80

    5 squad of - 425
    sharpshooters with missile launcher

    platoon 2 – 515
    Junior officer – 40

    Special weapon squad
    Light infantry, 2 melta guns, 1 demolition charge

    5 squads of -390
    Light infantry, grenade launcher

    2000 pts, 247 models
    6 mortars, 6 melta guns, 5 grenade launchers, 7 missile launcher, 3 demo charges, 211 lasguns

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    the only thing that bugs me is the lack of tanks
    but if you like to go without tanks....

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    I am not sure that this list could dish out enough damage. With almost 250 models, you can obviously put out a lot of shots. But most of them are lasguns, and many of them are conscripts. I would replace the mortars with heavy bolters and put in some lascannons. And adding in vet squads with three plasmas always helps. Those commissars are also pretty expensive. I would drop the refractors, and probably just give them power weapons. They are there for leadership, and they tend to get picked off in close combat. MEQs will be a huge issue for you. You need more firepower at a low AP. Anything with a high armor save will be difficult for this list. But it certainly has potential, so reconfiguring should make it pretty nasty.
    "When one man dies it is a tragedy. When thousands die its a statistic."

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    A very interesting list you have there, just a few nitpicks.

    Your HQ probably shouldn't expose itself with a Missile Launcher there. Best to keep it hidden. Since you seem to like Mortars why not load them up on your officers? They'll be kept hidden and they'll be contributing too.

    Light Infantry and Special Weapon Squads don't really gel together unless you have lots of 'em. You'll get killed right-quick because you're going to kamikaze into the enemy and odds are the Meltas won't even fire before they're wiped out. I would suggest Drop Troops to get them in, as they stand they'll have to be held back until you need them instead of just dropping them where you need them to be. Area denial I suppose.

    I'm fairly certain that you cannot have anything but a Command Squad in your infantry platoons, so in Platoon 1 you gotta remove the Mortar Squad, and in Platoon 2 you're going to have to remove the SWS there.

    Your Commissars, while frightening, can't use both the Power Sword and Power Fist at the same time in close combat. That may be intentional on your part, allowing you to choose between normal slice and dicing and power-fisting fun. But I think it's a needless pointsink, and since the Commissar's an independent character here, odds are he won't get to use that Power Fist. Take the points there and put it elsewhere.

    Conscripts, with the points saved elsewhere you can probably give them a few Flamers. Or give your Platoon 2 some Plasma/Meltas if you feel like it. They'll work well as 'tarpits' slowing down the advance of your foes.

    You could probably work this out to add two more Platoons with three Squads in them or so, just to give you another JO. For a big list you have all of three Leadership bubbles which is gonna be a big problem. Consider buying an Honorifica Imperialis for one of your other Junior Officers, that's a second Heroic Senior Officer for 5 points less!

    It does look like a fluffy list and is quite unique, so don't take this criticism as scathing and discouraging please. Believe it or not I've been trying to create a list like this, only with Heavy Weapons Platoons and no Commissars.

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