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    Dhs + Ig + Sisters 2000 pts

    Army Roster

    DHs + Inducted IG + Sisters Of Battle
    2000 points

    1 Brother-Captain + 4 Gks termies ( 1 thunder hammer and storm shield and 1 with psycannon)
    1 Ordo Malleus Inquisitor (psycannon) + 3 gun Servitors (2 HB and 1 Plasma Cannon) + 2 sage + 1 mystic
    1 Callidus Assassin
    8 Stormtroopers (2 plasma) + chimera (multilaser + h bolter + Extra armour and Smoke launcher)
    5 Stormtroopers (2 meltas + 1 vet. with teleport homer) + rhino (extra armour and smoke launcher)
    9 Gks FA ( justicar with frag grenades)
    9 Gks FA ( justicar with frag grenades)
    7 Seraphins ( 2 inferno pistol + Vet Sist. Superior with Eviscerator)
    1 Gk Dread (ML and Twin Linked Lasscannon)

    what you think?

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    Did you forget to include your inducted guard troops? I calculate that you've used only 1763 pts to 1788 pts, depending on whether your inquisitor is HQ or Elites. In any case, 200+ unused pts, once spent, will have a large impact on this list.

    As it stands, it's quite solid, but you're very weak on long-range/anti-armour firepower. I assume that's what inducted IG would add?

    Finally, I would strive to get 8 seraphim in that squad. 7 will definitely work, but 8 is better (even numbers are always better if you can configure your squads that way), and will also make it a little bit easier to pass the two most important faith powers you'll probably be using, either Divine Guidance or ... whatever the one is that turns your armour saves into invulnerable saves (stupid bad memory, where's my codex when I need it?).
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