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    DH/WH 1500x2 Armies.

    Last night, since there were 3 of us, they had me play 2 armies, DH/WH vs Nurgle & Khorne Chaos. The WH army is my newer of the two and relatively more complex for me to manage and design. I am also still learning the strengths/weaknesses of both my armies and other armies so sometimes I get myself into situations that I shouldn't be in.

    Approximate DH List:
    BC+Term x5 - Psycannon, TH/SS, Sacred Incense


    DN - TLLC/ML, Armor/Smoke

    Inq - Psycannon, 3 Gunnies, 2 sages, 1 mystic

    Approximate WH List:
    Canoness - Jump Pack, Blessed Weapon, Bolt Pistol, Cloak

    Sisters x10 - Veteran, Melta x2
    Rhino - Armor/Smoke
    Sisters x10 - Veteran, Melta x2
    Rhino - Armor/Smoke

    Seraphim x8 - Veteran, Flamers x2, Eviserator
    Seraphim x8 - Veteran, Flamers x2, Eviserator

    Dominion x6 - Veteran, Flamers x4
    Immolator - Armor/Smoke

    Exorcist x2 - Armor/Smoke

    Part of the reason I took the termies was, I made the list about 10 minutes before we played and I had to organize all 3k worth of troops. Thinking back... I forgot I had a TH/SS. Overall, the Termies held up well once in CC due to the incense and helped with the add'l squad of PAGK's that got involved. Other than using Exorcists for additional long range support, I still don't have a firm grasp of playing the WH's all the time and sometimes overcommit my DH into CC too soon. What are the most significant holes in the DH that a WH army could fill in? The Nurgle player also had a Defiler, which when it missed was fine, but could hit with a nice template on the overall large number of troops available.

    Knowing that I was fighting duo-Chaos, should I also stack a Grimmoire and/or Daemonhammer, or psychic ability, or even one of the DH special characters? Any ideas for future encounters appreciated.

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    Hey hey,

    Now, I'm not terribly experienced with WH's, though I do have the 'dex and I've browsed various tactica, and the WH forums. You might get some better advice over on the WH forums with regards to the WH portion of the list, actually. Regardless, though, I'll happily give you my 2 cents.

    The exorcists and Sister squads help fill out the anti-tank holes in your DH list, which is probably where DH is weakest. With regards to getting your shiny GK's stuck in too soon, remember that GK's are not really dedicated close-combat beasts (well, your termies are, but they're a different story). All those storm bolter shots can shred enemy infantry, even on the move, so try to use your superior mobility (compared with your enemy's infantry anyways) to your advantage. Since you'll be getting your maximum firepower at 24" all the time, you can keep your troops out of rapid-fire range and thin the herd a bit before charging into close combat. You may also want to consider switching one of your Seraphim squads to use inferno pistols instead of hand flamers. Then you can use them either to hunt vehicles or heavy-infantry. Your call though... you look like you've enough anti-tank in the lists, but if you're finding that tanks are raining [ordinance] on your parade, then that's one way to go. It really depends on where you're having the most trouble -- infantry or tanks.

    One thought I had (not necessarily a good one mind you) is that you might try incorporating some of the more close-combat oriented units that the WH's have to offer, in the form of Penitent Engines and Arco's. The biggest complaint you generally hear regarding them is that they are difficult to keep alive on the way to the melee, due to the tendency of Sisters armies to be shootier on the whole, and thus the mob of scary arco's get shot to pieces as they charge in front of the bulk of your troops. Since you've got a -grip- of GK's to screen them, however, you may find them worth a shot. *Shrugs* just something to think about.

    With regards to the Defiler... yeah... templates can be messy for DH's. Nothing really to say there, aside from my earlier suggestion about converting one seraphim squad to more of an anti-tank role if you're having trouble taking it down. If you really want to get crazy, you could include an =][= with termie armour and a psycannon, then DS him for some str 6 shots at rear armour. These guys will run you somewhere around 70 pts, so they aren't exactly cheap, but on the other hand, I know there are those who have used them to good effect.

    With regards to the chaos/daemon specific wargear, it's up to you. I think Incense is probably the best bang for your buck, since it works against all of his troops and not just daemons. If your opponents are using daemon-heavy armies, however, they could be useful.

    That's about all I can think of at the moment... sorry if none of it was helpful =P

    Good luck!

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