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    1500 DH + SoB Friendly

    Hey folks,

    It's been a bit since I posted a list, but number6's recent post (re: Seraphim + Eversor) inspired me to whip up a list including some Seraphim (well, that, and finding a box of seraphim for 75% off at a local hobby store =D).

    HQ [61]
    Grey Knight Brother-Captain

    Elite [173]
    Ordo Malleus Inquisitor
    Psycannon, Auspex

    3 Gun-Servitors
    2 Heavy-Bolters, 1 Plasma cannon
    2 Sages
    1 Mystic

    Troops [128]
    5 Inquisitorial Stormtroopers
    2 Melta-guns
    Extra Armour, Smoke Launchers

    Troops [276]
    9 Grey Knights
    Frag Grenades

    Fast Attack [276]
    9 Grey Knights
    Frag Grenades

    Fast Attack [276]
    9 Grey Knights
    Frag Grenades

    Fast Attack [162]
    5 Seraphim
    2 Twin Inferno Pistols
    Sister Superior

    Heavy Support [148]
    Grey Knight Dreadnought
    Twin-Linked Lascannon, Missile Launcher, Extra Armour, Smoke Launchers

    Total: [1500]

    Teleport attack Grey Knights will deep strike or set up with the rest of the army as needed. The Brother-Captain will either deep strike with the teleport attackers (hopefully) or footslog with the troops Grey Knights. Seraphim will shadow the Rhino or use cover to tank-hunt. Everything else is pretty obvious. The other option I'm considering is dropping one of the teleport attack squads for another anti-tank Dreadnought, 5 more stormtroopers in the troops squad, and a Veteran Sister Superior with Eviscerator and two more Seraphim. Thoughts would be appreciated. Let me know what you think!



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    It looks like a pretty solid list to me, Hasten. More bodies for the Seraphim are always better, of course, if only to provide a few more wounds to protect your infernos. I also swear by the VSS with the eviscerator. I'e been much happier with my girls' performance since making that investment. Firstly, the VSS gives you an extra die for your faith test, making it more likely that you'll pass it. Vital, since you only have the 1 point. Also, the eviscerator is a good backup to the infernos. You shoot at a tank, don't get the result you want, then you can assault it and pop it open with the eviscerator. Or, say you get assaulted by a manacing dreadnought. The eviscerator will save your squad from getting wiped out (though you'll undoubtedly lose a few models unless you saved that faith point!) and kill the dread, too.

    About the only changes I'd make would be to help make your seraphim more survivable. I'd drop a single GK from each of your 9-man squads to get more seraphim. You can get 3 more or 1 and the VSS with eviscerator. Consider dropping one of the HB servitors for another seraphim in the latter case.
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