Hey There. I am new to this site and new to the Warhammer 40k table top game. I am thinking about doing an armoured company army list because, well...tanks rock!! I have an army list and i was wondering if you guys could give me a few pointers and some advice, i need it. Thnx and i hope to hear what you think of it.

HQ: Command Tank- Leman Russ Vanquisher (**Can someone please tell me the stats of the Vanquisher Cannon**)

Elites: 2 Tank Aces- Leman Russ Conquerors

Troops: 4 Leman Russ Battle Tanks
2 Leman Russ Exterminators

Thats what i got so far so I hope it isnt to bad for a newbie. Please tell me what you think. Thnx.