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    [1000 pt] Getting back into Space Marines - Need Help

    After about 5 years of not touching my Ultramarines, I picked up a predator the other day froma friend and started painting it. I decided that I should probably make a list to go along with it.

    I'm not too familiar with the new codex although I do have it sitting around somewhere. I was wondering if you guys could help me out with the list.

    Reclusiarch 121
    Bolt Pistol
    Terminator Honors
    Jump Pack

    Dreadnought 105
    Assault Cannon

    Dreadnought 125

    6-man Tactical Squad 105
    Heavy Bolter
    Plasma Gun

    6-man Tactical Squad 105
    Heavy Bolter
    Plasma Gun

    6-man Tactical Squad 115
    Plasma Gun

    Fast Attack
    6-man Assault Squad 184
    Vet Sergeant
    Power Fist
    Melta Bombs

    Heavy Support
    Preditor Annihilator 145
    TL Lascannons
    Sponsor Lascannons

    Total: 1005 points

    So this list was made with trying to keep versitility in mind. Its based mostly on my 3rd edition list. I tried to keep upgrades to a minimum on most squads and vehicles so as to maximize bodies are shots. The two heavy bolter tactical squads were put in for anti-infantry along with the assault cannon dread.

    The lascannon dread, lascannon tac squad and predator are in there for anti armor. The assault cannon dread could also be moved to anti armor in a pinch

    The Chaplain would probably hang out with the assault squad, flying around in the flanks or counter charging if necessary. The powerfist is there to take out higher toughness chars and MCs and the Meltabombs are there incase all my other anti armor fails me.

    Here's the place where I need some advice:

    1) I'm wondering if I shouldn't just switch the powerfist in the assault squad for power weapon and drop the melta bombs. I feel like I already have quite a bit of anti-armor with the dreads and the pred. Although they are prone to getting blown to piieces the first couple of rounds.

    2) Although I only own 1 predator right now I was considering getting another and switching out a dread. What makeup of pred should I use and which dread should I switch out?

    3) Should I switch out a dread for another las-plas tactical squad?

    4) I personally felt that a terminator squad would eat up too many points at 1000, what do you guys think?

    5) I made the army as lean as possible in terms of upgrades. Are there any good upgrade I should be taking but didn't?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I thank you and the Emperor thanks you.

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    Hey, nice list but here are my comments/answeres:

    1.Alright cut off one of the dreads and max out your assaault squad, drop the melta bombs and keep the powerfist
    2.Drop the AC one you have enough anti tank from pred/TLL dred, dont get anopther pred get more assualt marines
    3.No, you have enough lascanons
    4.No termies! you can but your points will be tight, if you want termies play a 1500 point list
    5.everything seems in place, frag grendades for your chappy and a Plasma pistol

    So yeah... Everything is good just upgrade your chappy drop the AC dred max out your assault squad. But something struck me, i noticed yuor focused on ranged, your assault squad seems lonely.... anyways...

    Trooper Outt""

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