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    1500pts Witch Hunter Army List

    Hey Guys,

    Having picked up the Witch Hunters codex yesterday, I had a go at making a list tonight.

    Adepta Sororitas of the Flaming Chalice


    Canoness Natascha Krupa w/ Book of St. Lucius, Cloak of St. Aspira, Litanies of Faith, Master Crafted Power Weapon, Stormbolter, Frags, Meltabombs

    She wasn't always this expensive. Originally she was only 97pts but when I had 40 left at the end I gave her the Litanies (a great addition in my mind), the Storm Bolter and the grenades.


    Just in here because I wanted to take Penitent Engines.


    7x Sisters Repentia (6 sisters and 1 mistress)

    Able to rip through most units if they get there. I'd put the Priest in here to make them even better on the charge.


    Battle Sisters Squad (Superior + 11 sisters), 2x Flamers, Veteran Superior

    Battle Sisters Squad (Superior + 11 sisters), 2x Flamers, Veteran Superior

    Battle Sisters Squad (Superior + 11 sisters), 2x Flamers, Veteran Superior

    Battle Sisters Squad (Superior + 11 sisters), 2x Flamers, Veteran Superior

    Nice, strong units. The large size of the units is to help out with both morale checks and Acts of Faith. Two flamers each because they are cool!


    Exorcist w/ Holy Icon, Extra Armour

    Exorcist w/ Holy Icon, Extra Armour

    Best setup for the Exorcist in my opinion. None of the other upgrades are really necessary. Two of them because my army needs some long range fire support.

    3x Penitent Engines

    A very much under-used unit in my opinion. Capable of tearing through any enemy they can to in combat with a heavy flamer to boot. If anythings staying in the list, its these guys!

    TOTAL: 1498pts

    HQ: 176pts (11.7%)
    Elites: 150pts (10%)
    Troops: 632pts (42.2%)
    Heavy: 540pts (36%)

    Models: 62
    Faith Points: 6 + The Litanies

    The army is based around target priority, that is, what will the enemy shoot at first. Do you choose to shoot the Exorcists, raining death upon your forces from afar? What about the Penitent Engines, drawing ever closer to combat where they will crush anything in their path? The Sisters REpentia are easy pickings and can hurt when they get to combat, but does one want to ignore the rest of the army? Even the Sisters. There are 48 Battle Sisters in the army, not something the enemy can scoff at. Shoot others parts and you'll have these bitches to deal with later.

    There are some units that have been left out of the army that I'd like to have taken mind you. I've always been a fan of Seraphim and I am quite disappointed that they didn't find their way in. Also, I'm not really that happy with the number of Faith Points I ended up with, last time I made a Witch Hunters list I ended up with 7 FP's in a 1000pts list. ( List can be found http://www.druchii.net/viewtopic.php?t=40601&highlight=)

    I am also aware that the list isn't really able to take down enemy tanks very easily. Any way of rectifying this? I know that Retributors are always an option. Also changing some of the flamers for meltas on the Sisters.

    So what do you guys think? Any comments, suggestions are all welcome.



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    From the top.

    A lone foot canoness is vulnerable and can struggle to get where she needs to be. This is why so many either give her a jump-pack or give her a retinue and a transport. Her weapons are not the best choice as well. A mc-pw costs nearly as much as the blessed weapon while being far less effective. A stormbolter is a 2-handed weapon and will stop her from getting an extra attack in cc. The litanies of faith are expensive and only really necessary IMO if she is accompanying a squad of seraphim and wants to automatically activate an AoF for them.

    Sisters Repentia really are very weak indeed. They are actually completely unable to 'rip through most units'. Real assault troops, and even many tactical troops, will kick their heads in before they even get to swing. Enemy shooting will cut them to ribbons with ease anyway. The only units they are good against are tough units that can't squish them all in time (terminators, dreads, Tau battle suits, shootyfexes), and vehicles. Even then sisters with meltaguns do better. Still they are a colourful and characterful unit to take.

    Foot squads with flamers tend to struggle badly in making use of them. Few opponents are willing to let you come close enough to use them. They either run off, deploy so far away you only get near on turn 6, or charge you in cc. All too often you never get to fire them. I would take meltaguns instead. These deadly weapons have the same range as RFing bolters and will be useful as you move. Don't take stormbolters, if you want to do long-range bolter shooting, have the retribs do it with heavy bolters, they're much better at it.

    Heavy Support
    The Holy Icons on the Exo's are unnecessary. You don't have a lot of troops deploying round them so there won't be anything for them to act on. Otherwise they are fine.

    Penitent Engines are wacky and unreliable but fun. They crumple like tinfoil to any real AT firepower. If they do make it into assault they will shred the enemy. Even daemon princes and the like are no match for a PE. Their charge can even kill Hive Tyrants and Carnifexes. A skilful opponent though will dispose of them easily enough because of their many weaknesses.

    This list is far from the max-out possible with sisters. Unfortunately as all of us on this board are beginning to realise the range of possibilities with sisters when you are really going for a competitive army is actually fairly limited. The sisters themselves lack the diversity of unit choices and unit capabilities seen in other armies. All the oddball stuff in the codex, while fun and capable of making an army even crazier than a Khornate berserker one, is not terribly combat efficient.

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