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    newbie starting 500pt space marine army

    Hey people i am new to warhammer 40k and i have just started up my own space marine army. My main opponents are tau, eldar and chaos and i would like your thoughts on how i can customise my army to combat them. The eldar player uses a wraithlord in which i am not to sure how to take out and the chaos player uses khrone beserkers which completely owned me.

    shown below is my 500pt army:

    Army list deleted due to posting individual points costs. This is against forum rules so please read our forum rules and follow them. Unit totals are okay - individual costs are not. I deleted the whole list due to the format being way too hard to simply edit. ~Lost Nemesis

    Your thought are greaty appreciated :yes:

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    - This goes in the Army List subsection of the Space Marine section.
    - This is the Army Fluff section. If you have a question about your army's background, ask us. Otherwise, this should be moved.

    Edit: That said, change the Typhoon to a Tornado, get larger squads, drop the melta gun, and if I were you, I would drop the apothecaries and get more Marines and some lascannons/missile launchers for any tanks or high-toughness units. The problem with meltaguns and small squads is that you usually shoot in assault range, and small squads are terrible for assault. Also, drop the storm bolter on your Chaplain and replace it with a bolt pistol for the extra CC attack; if you want a shooty HQ, get a Captain on the cheap and give him a combi-bolter.
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