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    Friendly CP Starter List

    I'm starting a space marine army to go with my >1K Necron army. My opponents are usually UM and CSM. I want to create a fast, balanced between shooty and CC army. I got BfM for Christmas, so I have a 10 man tac squad already. I'm going to paint them like BA, but probably just use them as plain SM. I'm going to go buy some paint tomorrow, so I'll probably pick up some models while I'm at the store. Here's the list I want to work toward. Like I said, I only have a tac squad right now, so feel free to rip it apart. Some of the point costs might be off, cause I don't have the codex yet.

    CP 400(401)pts

    5 Marines- 139
    3 bolters
    1 flamer
    1 sgt w/bp and chainsword
    1 Rhino

    5 Marines- 75
    5 bolters

    5 Marines- 85
    4 bolters
    1 missle launcher

    5 Assualt Marines- 110
    4 bp/chainswords
    1 sgt w/bp and chainsword


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    Personally i would drop the flamer, flamers suck! especially against SM and CSM, you better off with a plasma gun or a melta gun. Also the 5 man squad combine it with the 5 man in the rhino so you get a ten man squad in a rhino. 3rd tac squad is good. and for the assault squad i would get a power weapon.

    If your looknig for anti marine army, i would suggest the new blood angel models coming out this spring, they are plasma, bike/speeder and terminator heavy whcih means anti marine =D.

    Good Luck

    Trooper Outt""

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