Heya all you who read such things as this: This is my army list for an upcoming tournament, my first 40K tourney in fact.

I've been working on my skitarii for quite some time now, on and off, and the entire army is quite HEAVILY converted. In this army list, all that remains for me to convert is 15 more guardsmen.

Basically, i'm going for the whole army looks good thing, and fun to play thing, not too concerned about how hard my army will hit. But nontheless, before I start painting these guys up, I would like to know how you guys feel about anything in my list, in general. And dont be soft either! Just be sure to back up any arguments with decent reasoning, for I will be trying to defend this list, and thus through the fire of argument an awesome final list will be born (hopefully) .

Fluff: Without getting heavily into the background here, my force is part of a skitarii light infantry (light for skitarii), explorator army. These guys dont defend titans, they scout and conquest new worlds for the omnissiah.

747 points.


Techpriest Enginseers
Sharpshooters (want to add bionics in larger games, the modelling has been done for this)
Close order drill
Drop troops

Senior Officer (powerfist)
-Heavy Bolter

Techpriest Enginseer (storm bolter, trust me looks great)
-3 Heavy Bolter Servitors, 1 Plasma Cannon Servitor

Infantry Platoon
-Junior Officer (power sword)
---2 meltagun guardsmen, 2 normal (most likely to deepstrike)

-Infantry Squad
---Autocannon, flamer

-Infantry Squad
---Missile Launcher, Plasma Gun

Grenadiers Squad
-9 Grenadiers, 1 Veteran Sergeant Grenadier
-2 Plasmaguns
-Attached Chimera, 2 Heavy Flamers

P.S. The techpriest + servitors thingy is not a problem