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    168 (x3)

    2000 point trait comparison lists.

    Ok my and a friend both made a spacemarine list then I wanted to post them on here to see what you guys would think. So which list do you think would work the best and or tweeks for the list.

    LIST #1 (mine)
    Trait advantages: See but don't be seen, truse your battle brothers
    Drawback: Eye to eye

    Master of sancity-->
    Wargear: Pair of lightning claws, frag gernades, jump pack
    Equiped to assault squad
    pts/ 151

    Assault terminators-->
    5 lightning claws
    (in reserves)
    pts/ 200

    Wargear: Lascannon, missle launcher
    pts/ 165

    Scout squad(6)-->
    Wargear: Missle launcher
    pts/ 136

    Tactical squad(10)-->
    Wargear: Heavy bolter
    See but don't be seen
    pts/ 185

    Tactical squad(6)-->
    Wargear: Heavy bolter
    pts/ 95

    Tactical squad(10)-->
    Wargear: Missle launcher
    See but don't be seen
    pts/ 190

    Fast attack
    Assault squad(10)
    pts/ 220

    Assault squad(9)
    pts/ 198

    Heavy support
    pts/ 85

    Predator Anihhilater-->
    Sponsors: Lascannons
    pts/ 145

    Devastator squad(10)
    Wargear: 3 Heavy bolters, 1 lascannon
    pts/ 230

    Total: 2000 Hope math is right.

    List#2 (friends)
    Not going to check his math due to the fact that I beleive in his math skills and not neccesarily mine.
    Trait advantages: Head the wisdom of the ancients, upload the honour of the emperor
    Disadvantages: Eye to eye, death before dishonour

    Wargear: Pair of lightning claws, iron halo, terminator honours, and artificer armour

    Wargear: Multi melta, venerable, furiouse assault skill, drop pod.

    Wargear: Lascannon, missle launcher, venerable, and tank hunter skill.

    Tactical squad x6 of these squads
    Wargear: Melta gun in each and a heavy bolter in each.
    165 each= 990

    Heavy support
    Predator Anihhilator
    Sponsors: Lascannons
    upgrades: hunter killer missle

    upgrades: hunter killer missle

    Whirlwind (castellan)

    Fast attack
    Scout bikes(4)
    Melta bombs

    Total: 1988.

    Vote for the list that you think would win. And even critisize if wanted or even say what you think about the lists.

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    43 (x2)

    I choose your friends list, but it was kind of like choosing between poking myself in the eye, or plucking all my nose hair.

    On your list: You took TyBB, but didn't give True Grit to any of your guys, but that is actually a good thing as I have never liked True Grit. Too many points for what you get. Also, See but don't be Seen is a really cool trait, until you roll an Alpha mission and you just wasted a whole bunch of points.

    I don't like lightning claws on a chaplain…this is wasting the power weapon he comes with.

    You don't want 10 man tac squads with a heavy weapon. You either stand still and waste 9 guys, or move and waste the Heavy.

    You should be flogged for not putting power fisted sergeants in your Assault Squads.

    And NEVER mix rolls and/or weapon ranges in a dev squad. You have 3 36" anti troop weapons and 1 48" anti-tank weapon. So every turn of firing you are either wasting 1 weapon, or 3. and you only need 1 bolter for every Heavy, so you can get rid of 2 guys.

    On your friends list:

    I don’t think a 6++ is worth giving up cover saves.

    On the HQ, artificer armor is crap. An HQ is really only worried about power weapons

    On the dread..a Multi-Melta? Are you serious? Why? There is a reason you never see this configuration. The Assault Cannon is so much better. And Furious Assault is almost useless. A dread does not need the +1 to str, as he is already at 10 (the max) and if he is Assaulting he is really only worried about power fists, which he goes before anyway.

    In the tac squads, you didn’t say how many guys, but by the points its 9 or 10 (I think his math is a little off) but same points as with yours…don't give 10 man squads a Heavy Weapon.

    And on the Vindicator, I would drop the HK missile and go with PotMS.

    Hope that helps.

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