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Thread: a lil' dilemma

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    a lil' dilemma

    first up, heres the list....


    Saint Helena

    Blessed weapon, Bolt pistol, Jump pack

    4 Arco-flagellants

    3 Arco-flagellants

    8 Celestians
    Heavy flamer, Flamer
    Veteran superior, Eviscerator, Book of st lucius
    Priest, Brazier of holy fire, Bolt pistol
    Rhino, Extra armour, Smoke launchers

    12 Battle Sisters
    Veteran superior, Book of st lucius

    5 Inquisitorial Storm Troopers
    2 Plasmaguns

    6 Seraphim
    2 Hand flamers
    Veteran superior, Eviscerator, Book of st lucius

    Extra armour

    Extra armour

    Total points: 1500pts
    Faith points: 8
    Models: 41
    Vehicles: 3


    Woot. Right I read someones discussion on including meltaguns in footslogging battle sister squads to give them another use rather than having a simple squad armed to the teeth with bolters. The battle sister squad in this army will support the ISTs and simply barrel down towards the enemy until they are in range, so is it worth it to chuck in 2 meltaguns for them? I can see the point about them then having a 18" death radius for nearby vehicles and them being able to kill power armoured foes more easily and they are both neat points so should i try it? The reason im asking is because i have the whole army done apart from a handful more sisters left to buy so if im gonna have to buy some meltagun models i wanna know now.

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    Question shouldn't be should "I" put the meltaguns in, it should be do I need them? If you think you have enough fire power to take down tanks I wouldn't really worry about meltaguns. Personally I would give that squad two flamers, meltaguns are more likely to kill one target, but flamers will cause more wounds normally and the more saves your opponent has to make the more likely he is to fail.

    If your certain that the sister squad will still be alive when it makes it within range of tanks then try out meltas. Perhaps with a friend or someone who doesn't mind you proxying you can try out different set ups, between solid bolters, flamers or meltaguns or whatever you wanna do.

    Just test it out before you go spending the money.
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