Working on getting my marines up and running. So I figured I'd work on developing a 1500 point list. Its quasi-fluffy in some parts, but in other parts I just tried for reasonably effective.

Traits: Cleanse and Purify, Trust Your Battle Brothers
Flaws: Eye to Eye, Death Before Dishonor

1 Master, Lightning Claws, Iron Halo (Forgot to buy him terminator honors, I know, dunno where to get some points back tho)
(Attached to...)
Command Squad: Vet Sgt w/ Powerfist, Apothecary, 2 plasma guns, Champion.
Rhino Mounted.


Tactical Squad: 1 vet sgt w/powerfist, 9 marines. 2 plasma guns. Trust Your Battle Brothers. Rhino Mounted.

Scout squad: 1sgt 5 scouts, 5 sniper rifles, one Missile Launcher.

Dreadnought: Venerable, TL Lascannon, Tank Hunter

Heavy Support:
Vindicator: PoTMS *
Whirlwind: Castellan default *
Devestator Squad: 1 sgt w/4 marines. 3 Hvy Bolters, 1 Plasma Cannon

Fast Attack:
Assault Marine Squad: 1 vet sgt w/powerfist +7 marines.

I'm trying to find a good place to free up enough points to get T-Honors for the captain and enough to get Trust Your Battle Brothers for the command squad. The Vindicator and the Whirlwind are going to stay, I find they work spectacularly well. Aside from that, open to suggestions.