A friend of mine is putting together an army that he hopes can have the majority of the models switch between Chaos and the Emperor's Finest. The other day I sat down and put together this list with his input and I'm curious to what others have to say on it.

Purity Above All (Sergeants become Apothecaries)
Die Standing (No Drop Pods)

HQ (335)
135 - Commander (Master)
Terminator Armour
Storm Bolter
MC Power Weapon
200 - Terminator Command Squad
2x Assault Cannon

Elites (215)
215 - Terminator Assault Squad
*Furious Charge

Troops (880)
600 - 4x 6 man Tactical Squad (150/squad)
Heavy Bolter
Vet. Sergeant
*Terminator Honours
*Power Fist
280 - 4x Razorbacks

Heavy Support (560)
290 - 2x Predator Annihilator
Lascannon Side Sponsons
270 - Land Raider Crusader (carries Term. Assault Squad)
Dozer Blade Upgrade

Total = 1990

So the idea is that if he needs a really shooty list he uses the above and deploys the tact squads outside the razorbacks. If he needs mobility for capturing objectives he drops the HB's and takes Melta-guns instead (drops the master crafted off the Commander's weapon as well) and deploys the squads in the razorbacks. The 9 terminators work well because he'll have nine Chaos terminators that he's making look more like SM terminators (no umberhulks here).

I'm curious as to what people have to say. This list is very different from what I personally play.