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    1000 new marine army

    This is my first attempt at a Marine army. I'm not looking to decimate anyone with my list, I'm more interested in trying out something interesting. That being said, if I've sunk points into something useless please let me know.


    Master with power fist and bolt pistol 101

    Command Squad 105
    Company Champion with power sword, bolt pistol, and combat shield
    Marine with plasma gun
    3 Marines with bolt pistols and ccws

    Razorback 73
    twinlinked heavy bolter
    smoke launchers

    The plan here is to run this squad up a flank (the one that the Scouts hopefully pin down) and then assault my way towards the center of their line.


    Terminator Squad 240
    Sergeant with power sword and storm bolter
    2 Terminators with power fists and storm bolters
    2 Terminators with assault cannons and powerfists

    These guys are going to Deep Strike somewhere in the middle of the enemy and shoot the crap out of something. If they survive until the next turn they'll either continue shooting or else maul something in assault.


    Tactical Squad 110
    6 Marines with bolters
    1 Marine with heavy bolter

    Tactical Squad 125
    6 Marines with bolters
    1 Marine with plasma cannon

    Both of these squads are going to take up forward positions (hopefully in cover) and shoot at anything that presents itself. The heavy bolter is more for troops and the plasma cannon is for heavier things.

    Scout Squad 113
    5 Scouts with sniper rifles
    1 Scout with heavy bolter

    I am hoping to Infiltrate these guys on one flank and pin down a squad. Then the command squad can decimate it in assault while these guys pin something else down.

    Heavy Support

    Predator Annihilator 133
    heavy bolter sponsons

    This thing is designed to look big and to knock down any tanks or heavy infantry that present themselves.

    Again, please let me know if I'm being an idiot, but please try to keep suggestions somewhat in line with what I'm trying to accomplish here (unless nothing here will work, and then please tell me that too).


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    not a bad list. you may want to give the commander a power weapon instead of a power fist because you want to take advantage of his I5. give the vet sergeant in the command squad a power fist if you really want one in the squad. for the termies, the only flaw i can see is them teleporting into impassible, so you may wanna consider a teleport homer. this way, they can teleport in precisely where you need them. to your specifications, your tac squads look great. from a tactical perspective, it is a bit idealistic that they are in cover and the plasma marine doesn't fry himself. you may wanna consider a las/plas combo on one of the squads for increased anti-armor support. the scouts are great as if they can make someone fail a pinning test, that's one less tool the enemy has next turn. the pred is ok, but you should give it extra armor. All in all, i think this list depends a little too much on idealisitic conditions. well, gl w/ the list.

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