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    Aesthete honorableSimon's Avatar
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    1500 pt. Mostly Sisters Friendly List

    So I did some brain storming and this is what I came up with. The goal is to be partially mobile with reliable firepower slowly advancing behind the tanks to give support to the faster units when they need it. Serphim rush towards troops, tanks rush towards high-priority large targets with their meltas. Hopefully the large amount of mobility will also draw fire from the seraphim, who seem to be a high priority for my few enemies...

    [380] Headquarters
    [130] Canoness
    eviscerator, cloak, litanies, inferno pistol

    [250] w/ Celestian Retinue ( 7 celestians + canoness = 8 )
    vss with eviscerator
    multi-melta, meltagun, imagifer ( defensive )
    mounted in a rhino with smoke launchers

    Wait, can I even put them in a rhino? I don't think I can. What should I do with these points? Put a different squad in a rhino? Try harder to buy another squad of sisters? Good job me.
    *END EDIT*

    [564] Troops
    [195] Flamey Sister Squad ( 10 sisters )
    heavy flamer, flamer
    mounted in a rhino with smoke launchers

    [156] Shooty Sister Squad ( 12 sisters )
    storm bolters ( 2 )

    [133] Melty ISTs ( 6 ISTs )
    meltas ( 2 )
    mounted in a rhino with smoke launchers

    [80] Shooty Plasma ISTs ( 6 ISTs )
    plasma guns...

    [225] Fast Attack
    [225] Flamey Seraphim Squad ( 8 'phim )
    vss with eviscerator
    hand flamers ( 2 )

    [330] Heavy Support
    [140] Exorcist

    [190] Retributors ( 10 rets )
    4 heavy bolters

    The Final Cut:
    Total: 1499 pts 60 models & 1 tank & 3 rhinos
    HQ: 25.4% 8 models & 1 rhino
    Troops: 37.6% 34 models % 2 rhinos
    FA: 15% 8 models
    HS: 22% 10 models & 1 tank

    I feel like I could squeeze in another squad of sisters (I know I could squeeze in another IST squad but I don't want to) if I drop the Imagifers, two people off the storm bolter squad, two people off the retributor squad..

    Well, let me know what you think it's really just a brainstorm so don't be afraid to tear it apart, this is just where I think I want my army headed, mobility through 'phim & rhinos. The only thing I'd like to not change is the amount of exorcists in the list. I think the mobile meltas should take care of it. Exorcists are also very expensive (as is buying two more rhinos, but whatever), although I'm sure with enough persuasiveness someone could get me to buy another..

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    WarmaHorde Pathofskulls's Avatar
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    91 (x6)

    Only thing I can pull up to do with the extra points is add another two sisters to this squad:

    [225] Flamey Seraphim Squad ( 8 'phim )
    vss with eviscerator
    hand flamers ( 2 )

    you could give the IST's with Plasma guns a Rhino, it would definately help them out, get them in range faster.

    Otherwise I've got no issues with it. Looks good to me.
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