Working on fluffy lists for my particular bunch of marines, and since they're associated with the Hereticus folks, figured I'd take advantage of it.

Traits: CLeanse and Purify, Trust your battle brothers.
Flaws: Death before Dishonor, Eye to Eye

Chaplain: Master of Sanctity: Bolt Pistol, Jump Pack - 121

Tactical Squad, 10 man.
Vet sgt w/powerfist, 2 plasma guns. Counter-Attack. True-Grit. Rhino Mounted - 285

Scout Team: 6 man. 5 snipers, 1 Missile Launcher - 113

Celestian Squad
1 vet superior w/eviscerator, 4 sisters. Heavy bolter. Storm bolter. Immolator (extra armor) mounted.

Fast Attack:
Assault Marine Squad
1 vsgt w/powerfist, 7 marines, melta bombs. - 222

Seraphim Squad:
1 sister superior with eviscerator, 8 sisters, inferno pistol - 248

Heavy Support
Vindicator w/ PoTMS 155

Devestator Squad: 2 Missile Launchers, 1 Heavy Bolter
Vsgt w/powerfist, 5 marines - 175

1500pts (I hope, did the math twice)