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    durus Diggums Hammer's Avatar
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    1750 New SM player Mechanized

    Hello all,

    I have played 40K for some time, but this is my first attempt at a SM list. Don't hold back, I like to hear it all. The one caveat, is that I am a Treadhead:wacko: , so I really love my vehicles, and that is my "fluff".

    Anyway here it goes:

    Traits, Cleanse and Purify, Trust Your Battle Brothers
    Major Drawbackye to Eye, Minor Drawback: We stand alone.
    HQ: Space Marine Master Terminator Armour, Bionics, Storm Bolter, Power Weapon, 125pts
    Terminator Retinue: 200
    Two Assault Cannons, Chain Fist.

    Elite: Dreadnaught w/EA Smoke, TLLC/MLVenerable with TankHunter: 173 pts

    Troops: Space Marine Squads:
    Veteran Sgt w/ Power Fist, Teleport Homer
    10 Troops, 2x Plasma Guns, Cleanse and Purify, TYBB,
    Rhino, EA, Smoke Total: 298

    X 3

    Heavy Support:
    Power of Machine Spirit: 155pts

    Predator Annihalator:
    EA, Smoke: 153pts


    "A love for tradition has never weakened a nation, indeed it has strengthened nations in their hour of peril."
    Sir Winston Churchil

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    Senior Member Sinjin's Avatar
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    A few things.

    First, I think you need more units. At 1750, you really just need more stuff. So you're gonna need to trim some of the fat.

    The teleport homers are not as useful as you think the way you have them. The problem is that your Termies can't use a teleport homer that is inside a transport (the model is not considered to be in play until he leaves the transport) so it is unlikely they will be of any use. You cannot hold off the reserve rolls for the Termie unit until you are in position and out of the transports.

    Also, I think a Librarian would do a lot more for you then the master. He is more expensive, true, but much more capable.

    I think you have way to many points in TyBB. In general, I think this trait is a waste of points (it's costing you 30 points per squad...that is a ton of points) However, it's even more wasteful when combined with Cleanse and Purify, because you have 2 special weapons that can't take advantage of the trait, but still have to pay the cost.

    I would drop all 3 squads down to 8 guys, drop the TyBB, drop the vet sarge on 1 of them drop the teleport homer from the other 2. Use the points to upgrade your HQ to a Librarian, and create a 4th rhino squad without a vet sarge. Now you have 4 tac squads, 2 with, and 2 without Power fisted vet sergeants.

    If you want to keep power fists on all of them then I would recommend dropping the termi squad.

    Those are my recommendations, but they are just my opinion. Your list as is will probably work ok.

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    Ghost of LO ForgedInTheFurnaceOfWar's Avatar
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    More tanks o.O

    If you havent bought anything yet, maybe you should check out DAs - MEQ lists looks like they might be their best option.

    However, having not had time to read the general army list yet, I wouldnt buy anything just yet.

    If you already have your army, well its a bit late now. Anyway, i think your running a risk by sending so many marines by rihno.

    If would be nice to have another predator, which is generally best to give HBs on the side, instead of lascannons.

    Your traits really aren't adding much to the list.

    Landspeeders would be nice.
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    Son of LO Araith's Avatar
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    53 (x5)

    If you already have your army, well its a bit late now. Anyway, i think your running a risk by sending so many marines by rihno.
    It is a risk all right, but one worth taking. I know Rhino's are shot down fast but that's no problem. Drive forward one turn, pop smoke, drive another, disembark and rapid-fire. If a Rhino is shot down in turn 1 you don't get to rapid-fire immediately but it has saved a turn of walking, giving you an extra turn of shooting. If you don't get first turn, you better have as many Rhino's as possible hull down.

    This list works fine IMO. Yes, it's quite light on men but that's what you get when going tank and transport heavy. This is offset however by the ability to concentrate on a part of the battlefield.
    I actually only got 1 consideration and 1 worry.

    The consideration is that you should not deepstrike those Terminators. Just deploy them and walk them up with the rest. Then you could consider trading the assault cannons for cyclone launchers depending on what you want to use it against. In this case I'm very doubtful about it though, see my worry.
    The reason not to deepstrike them is that it gives your enemy one more target for his anti-armour(ed infantry) fire power, which is very important in this list. If he can't shoot all of you enough troops will probably end up where they need to be to give you a chance of winning the battle. If they deep strike your opponent doesn't have to worry about them yet.

    The worry is that you probably don't have enough guns ready at the start of the game to quickly remove the main threats to your mobility: anti-tank guns. The predator and dread can do part of the job but against infantry-based anti-tank they aren't of much use. That's also where the slogging terminators come in. Their assault cannons can fill up that niche.

    As for the marines with their True Grit... it does suck up 90 pts but it's 90 pts on 1745 and once they get into close combat it will serve them well, it has served me well. With their transports they have a good chance of getting into close combat and as they're not real kick-ass assaulters it's likely to be a prolonged combat against not too wimpy foes. So not a bad choice IMO.

    Don't spread out too much, focus your numbers on one side of the field and overwhelm the enemy there before attempting to roll them up.

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