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    750 point Conflict tournament list

    Hi all,

    I'm going to a conflict tournament in a couple of weeks and i would appreciate some criticism from you vets out there (this is my first tournament). Here goes:

    Senior Officer: Power sword, Plasma Pistol
    Retinue: 4 grenade launchers
    Advisor: Commissar: Powerfist 162 pts

    Anti-tank Squad: 2 Missle launchers, 1 Lascannon 100 pts
    Hardened Veteran Sergeant: Powerfist
    4 Hardened Veterans: 3 Plasma guns 95 pts

    Junior Officer: Bolt Pistol
    Retinue: Mortar, rest with ccw and laspistols 51 pts

    Veteran: Bolt Pistol
    Infantry Squad: Flamer 73 pts

    Veteran: Stormbolter
    Infantry Squad: Grenade Launcher 79 pts


    7 Grenaiders: 2 Plasma guns
    Chimera: Multilaser, Heavy Bolter, Heavy Stubber,
    Smoke Launcher 190 pts

    Total: 750 pts

    Shepards of the Night - "Fear the Coming of Night"

    Eldar vs. Daemonhunters so far: W-1 D-4 L-0

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    Drop the commissar, to little point game to make much of a difference, if your worried about LD just get iron discipline and some vetsgts in the squads or a company standard.
    Drop the plasma pistol,get a bolt pistol or a storm bolter.

    Drop the lascannon,get the missile launcher.

    I probably would not end up putting a mortar with a PHQ squad with close combat weapons and laspistols., like before I suggest ID. Get a few flamers and use this as a coutner attack unit.
    Your troops lack heavy weapons, a heavy bolter or two will work. Add a plasma gun or a grenade launcher to compliment the weapon.Also just give the vet sgt a regular lasgun or a bolter. much cheaper.

    Drop the stubber on the stormtroopers chimera.
    I would get two more vets, as right now you have 5(I'm guessing, as you have four plus a sgt). drop the fist on the sgt, not worth it at all in this point limit. If you intend to take it in higher up games I would suggest taking it with honorifica as it makes his stats that of a HSO. Also if you intend for this to assault units I would give the sgt a fist and drop the plasma for meltas for the sole purpose of shooting the meltas and then assaulting..

    This lacks seriously anti-inafantry fire power in my opinion. Get some heavy bolters.

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