The idea behind this list was to be able to get into combat, while still having long range support. Well Here it is.

HQ 161
Rune Priest
Bolt Pistol
Frost Axe
Belt of Russ
Chooser of the Slain
Wolf Pelt
Wolf Tail Talisman
Wolf Tooth Necklace

HQ 173
Ven Dread
Assault Cannon
Missle Launcher
Smoke Launchers
Idea here was the ability of killing troops and infantry, this tends to work great

Hq Total 334
% of Force 22

Troops 265
10 Grey Hunters
Power fist
Plasma gun
4th Edition Rhino rush anyone? Roll up, Jump out, Rapid Fire, and Hold out for the charge

Troops 250
15 Blood Claws
2x PFists
1x PWep
Melta gun
This is all about survivability to make it to combat, and this units got it.

Troops 122
5 Grey Hunters
Plasma gun
This ones all about the covering fire for blood claws.

Troops Total 706
% of Force 47%

Elites 130
6 Wolf Scouts
Plasma pistol
Plasma gun
Melta bombs

Elites total 130
% Of force 9%

Heavy 188
5 Long Fangs
4 ML
Includes pack leader
Heavy 142
3 Long Fangs
2 LC
Includes pack leader

Heavy total 330
% of force 22%

Total 1500

What do you guys and gals think? C&C welcomed.