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    Adepta Sororitas 500p


    I read a post where someone asked how your 500p witch hunter army looked like but when I tried posting I found out the thread was 77+ days old and posting was forbidden so I decided to answear here.

    My 500pointer is aiming to give the enemy a surprise and have diffrent alternatives in tactic.

    HQ 57p

    Adepta Sororitas Canoness “Catalina Domonicia” 57p
    Wielding a Bolter and a Power Sword. OR Stormbolter (-2p)


    Battle Sister Squad “Purus pessoulus” 120p
    9 Battle Sisters and 1 Sister Superior
    Bolters, Bolt pistol + Sword (sup.), 2x Stormbolter.

    Battle Sister Squad “Excursius haereticum” 136p
    9 Battle Sisters and 1 Veteran Sister Superior
    Bolters, pistol + Sword (VSS), Heavy flamer.
    Mounted in Rhino w. smoke launchers 53p

    HEAVY SUPPORTBolt pistol + Sword (sup.), 2x Stormbolter.

    Excorsist “Defaeco superne” 135p

    Total: 501 points

    I think few enemys would expect both a excorsist and rhino in a 500p army and according to me it gives alot of tactics to the army. I would like to have a veteran sister superior in Squad 1 "Purus Pessoulus" since that would give me a much liked faithpoint. But I don't know where to take the points from. About the cannoness I'm probally going for a storm bolter since that would give Sq1 more fire power, especially when moving and shooting 24".

    What do you think about this armylist? Any tips in the uses of it?

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    If you want another VSS, you'll probably have to drop the rhino and fill the remaining points with more sisters. I would actually advise on dropping the Rhino, and all the storm bolters and flamers for more sisters with just bolters. That would give you a nice amount of ap1 shots via divine guidance. As for tactics in the end that truly comes down to the person playing the army, but for starters use your exorcist to take out any tanks your opponent has, followed up by heavy troops. And march your sisters up behind till they get in rapid fire range then blow him/her away with ap1 shots.
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