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    1000 pt local Tourney, some CF involved.

    Hope you like long posts :shifty:
    Striker here (some inactive member has my name! ) First I'd like to say hello, being my first post here and all. I ussually frequent the 40konline forums but registered here as well to see what else is out there. First order of business, I'm interested in throwing out this army list out there to be tore up by the everyone.

    Well a local 40k tourney is upcoming at 1000 points. Originally it was going to be a pure Cityfight tourney. Thus I prepared and thought "Ok Striker, Bring out the flamers, demolishers etc." as an effective IG cityfight army is massively differant then your standard army. Also I have a very bad record fighting cityfight games compared to standard games. Just recently I was told that the organizer is actually going to have 50/50 cityfight tables and regular tables. GREAT! Now I have to someone acheive a happy medium between the massive long range firepower of your standard guard army and the concentrated firepower of a city fight army! Anyways, here is my attempts at making a generalized list.

    222nd Cadian 1000 pts.
    Doctrines: Light Infantry, Iron Dicipline, Rough Riders, Close Order drill.

    Command squad:
    JO with honorifica and powersword
    Veteran with std bearer.
    light infantry

    Infantry platoon one
    "Plasma command" command squad
    JO with power sword
    2 plasma guns
    1 vet medic
    Light infantry

    Alpha Squad
    10 guardsmen, Grenade Launcher+Lascannon Light Inf

    Bravo Squad
    10 guardsmen, GL+Missle Launcher Light Inf

    253 pts

    Infantry platoon 2

    command squad
    JO with powersword
    2 flamers
    two laspistol+CCW

    Charlie Squad
    10 GM, GL+Heavy bolter Light Inf

    Delta Squad
    10 GM, GL+Autocannon Light Inf

    277 pts

    "Vitamin G"Hellhound
    Extra Armour+smoke launchers

    Rough Riders(!)
    4 rough riders, one veteran SGT. All with Hunting lances

    "BUD"(Big Ugly Demolisher)
    lascannon, Plasma Sponsons.
    Extra Armour


    1000 pts total.

    I have no idea what I'm doing with last doctrine slot. I took light infantry for deployement flexibility,especially during cityfight. Close Order drill and Iron Discipline are staples and rough riders were required. My attempt at mixed CF/Standard army has 2 infantry platoons for standard firepower with the Hellhound, Demolisher and Roughriders supporting me especially for Cityfight. It was hard to fit in what i needed and I had to leave stuff out that I ussually like to take(aka Veterans). My only option to get my vets back in would probably to take grenadiers as the last doctrine and switch a platoon for a small grenadier squad. Anyways, please comment on the list, I'd be interested in hearing your opinions on what to do.

    My major option of change which I'm thinking of is this. I eliminate infantry platoon two and replace bravo squads missle launcher with a autocannon. this saves me enough points to instead add a grenadier squad of 6 with two plasma guns, a full vet squad with a missle launcher and 3 GL's, and a min sized remnants squad with a flamer. What do you think is the better route?

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    First of all, welcome to LO!

    Now down to business...

    1. I would recommend Camo Cloak for the last doctrine if prozy is alright...or if you can get the model fast enough. 3+ cover saves make guardsmen worth all their points.

    2. Heavy weapons are not as useful as special ones in CoD, since you moving is very important and LoS is rare in CoD.

    3. Demolishers and Hellhounds require LoS...not much of that in CoD.

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    to choose between the two options you have put up is tricky.
    First off you might want to think how you are planning to use your army.
    A vet squad with long range stuff isnt going to be that useful in cityfight due to line of sight so id save points by not taking the missile launcher then you could maek the vet squad have three plasma which would be good in cityfight or even meltas. You could fill your last doctrine with drop troops. it sfree so doesnt mess up the points and if you changed to the vet squad take three meltas there and itd be good in cityfight and normal table wise.
    the grenadiers are always good in cityfight good special weapon capability however they will be a bit dead weight ish on a normal battlefield. the remnants squad would be brilliant in cityfight small cheap and annoying for your enemy. in normal battles this could also be dropped in just thought aswell (dont have codex) but if you take grenadiers and drop troops surely you can drop the grenadiers in? id check it but it means that you fill your last doctrine slot, get more special weapons and can gear your army more to win the cityfight side with it still being useful on anoraml table.

    The platoon of infantry doesnt really have much advantage accept its stubborness in building defence (close order drill) in noraml battles could be useful but you dont have any surprises or reinforcements. personally id go for the vets grens and remnants, it could also be fun modellling wise with smaller units! (just thought youd have to drop a doctrine to get grens and drop troops hmmm), well close order wouldnt be as useful with only one platoon so IMO could be scrapped in favour of drop troops...

    or you could go a completely different route and get an AF squad and a vet squad then you could taek drop troops. AF squad is useful in cityfight as the tank can be a good shield and can get you to that vital building quickly. in normal ganes it has the obviuos advantages.

    lots of options. basically pick it based on the style of play you feel comfortable with.

    Hope that helps


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