Hello all. I've been out of the game for a time and wanted some opinions on my list as I get back in. Thanks!

Doctrines: Iron Discipline, Independent Commissars, Grenadiers, Conscript Platoons, Sharpshooters

Total - 1849 (108 Foot soldiers, 4 tanks)

Command Platoon:
Command Squad - 108
JO - Honorifica, Power Weapon, Bolt Pistol, Iron Discipline
Standard, Medic, Mortar

Anti-Tank Squad - 120
3 Lascannons, Sharpshooters

Fire Support Squad - 100
2 Autocannons, 1 Heavy Bolter, Sharpshooters

5 Hardened Veterans - 100
1 Lascannon, 3 Plasma Guns

1 Independent Commissar - 68
Surveyor, Trademark Item, Bolt Pistol, Power Weapon (will join Conscript Platoon)

Infantry Platoon
Command Squad - 90
JO - Plasma Pistol, Power Weapon, Iron Discipline
Mortar, 2 Plasma Guns

3 x Infantry Squad - 83
Missile Launcher, Grenade Launcher

30 Conscripts - 120

10 Grenadiers - 215
2 Melta-Guns
Chimera - Multi-Laser, Heavy Bolter, Pintle Heavy Stubber, Extra Armour, Smoke

10 Grey Knights - 250
Fast Attack

2 x Basilisk - 128
Indirect Fire, Smoke

Leman Russ - 173
Hull Lascannon, Sponson Heavy Bolters, Extra Armour, Smoke

So, the plan here is to use the 'scripts as a human shield, preventing the rest of my army from getting charged. The Commissar will make sure they don't run away for a few turns (when I played more regularly, they actually never broke from combat, though they were frequently killed to the last man). With the Bassies set up on opposite corners, they shouldn't run out of targets until they've done more than their fair share. The GK and Grenadiers can claim table quarters, and the rest of the army should never have to move, just shoot shoot shoot all day long.

My biggest concern is the leadership. Having only two officers means I have to set up very carefully to get all/most of my troops within their sphere of influence, and the first time I get charged will usually ruin all of that. To get a third officer, I could cut the Grenadiers, add a second Infantry Platoon, and shift one of the squads in the existing platoon over to it (making three officers and four infantry squads). However, I would not then be able to field the Chimera, which I just love (it takes table quarters and gets 9 36" shots/turn, three each at S4, 5, and 6).