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    Da 1000pts suicidal list

    HQ - 330

    Company master
    Power weapon
    Storm Bolter

    Command squad
    2x power fists

    Dedicated razorback
    Dozer blades

    Elites - 170

    Tech marine
    Servo harness

    Dedicated razorback
    Dozer blade

    Troops - 290

    Tactical squad (5 men)

    dedicated razorback
    dozer blade

    Tactical squad (5 men)

    dedicated razorback
    dozer blade

    Fast Attack 75

    ravenwing support squadron
    typhoon missile launcher

    Heavy support - 125

    2x HB sponsoons
    Dozer blade

    i made this with city fight in mind with the predator spearheading the assault and all other units following in razorbacks moping squads up, i know with only 20 models and 6 vehicles i loose one and it'll hurt. but that's the fun in the list... for me at least.

    i don't care what you say about it as long as someone says something. I've put a couple lists through here and no-ones replied to them. so if it's good, bad or ugly i don't care. i'd still like to hear it

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    Ok fellows we have a difficult task, so we have to be more deadly than everyday.
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    Tactics are nice but it is violence that wins the day.

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