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    Sneaky Guard V2.0

    The second (and far greater) incarnation of the infamous Sneaky Guard! Tanith ain't got shit on me:

    HQ Platoon:
    Heroic Senior Officer with Honorifica Imperialis
    1 Mortar, 1 Lasgunner 1 Company Banner Bearer

    Independent Commissar w/ Laspistol, Power Weapon, Surveyor

    40 Conscripts

    Infantry Platoon (Armored Bane)
    Junior Officer
    1 Mortar, 2 Lasgunners

    2x 8 Lasgunners, 1 Vet. Sarge w/ Lasgun, 1 Melta Gun, Light Infantry

    Infantry Platoon (Frontline Rangers)
    Junior Officer
    1 Mortar, 2 Lasgunners

    2x 8 Lasgunners, 1 Vet. Sarge. w/ Lasgun and Surveyor, 1 Melta Gun, Light Infantry

    3x 8 Lasgunners, 1 Vet. Sarge. w/ Lasgun and Surveyor, 1 Grenade Launcher, Light Infantry

    Infantry Platoon (The Reapers)
    Junior Officer w/ Honorifica Imperialis
    1 Mortar, 2 Lasgunners

    2x 8 Lasgunners, 1 Grenade Launcher, 1 Heavy Bolter

    3x 9 Lasgunners, 1 Lascannon

    All squads that can have Close Order Drill and my doctrines are: Close Order Drill, Light Infantry, Independent Commissars, Conscript Platoons

    The Commissar goes with the Conscripts to keep them brave as they take the charge of a

    unit or walk across the battlefield looking to club something. The small Platoon goes tank

    hunting along with the other Infiltrating Melta Guns, if there are no tanks they just do

    support fire. The Infiltrating Grenade Launchers widdle down the numbers and stay on a

    flank so an assault army must assault to the side and not get closer to me than needed.

    The Mortars pin things that piss me off like Devastator squads and other small squads/low

    Ld targets. The big sit back Platoon uses the HB to widdle down more while the Lascannons

    take on armor and Termies. The line is anchored by the two Ld9 officers and a Company

    Standard (because I'd enjoy converting it and it helps further the Red Army theme) and the

    Infiltrators have a respectable Ld8 but are meant to eventually fall after they've taken out

    important targets and held up the enemy army. This army can deal with swarm,

    mechanised, mixtures and one trick ponies. It weighs in at a frightening 181 Guardsmen in

    only 1500 points. The numbers alone give me a psychological advantage and more scoring

    units than I can shake a stick at. Any holes to poke gentlemen?

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