Ok, so after reading various responses and opinions about the dark angels and the Deathwing I've come up with the following list:

Belial 130


Deathwing with AC, apothcary and banner 300
lightening claws on everyone but the AC (who has a chain fist)

squad beta
Deathwing with AC and 1 chain fist 250

squad delta
Deathwing with AC and 1 chain fist 250

squad epsilon
Deathwing with AC and 1 chain fist 250

Fast attack

Ravenwing attack squad, 6 man, 2 melts, 315
1 multi-melta attack bike, and seargent Pfist

5 short so likely I'll just slap another chain fist on someone.

General tactics will be move the raven wing up on turn 1 (including scout move) keeping them behind cover and away from the enemy. Deathwing assault 2 of the shooty squads in (not on top of the homers) and light up the first thing I see. Move the bikes close to the enemy and go for tanks with the meltas.

Turn 2+ bring in termies from reserve, place the CC squad near the enemy using the homers and charge with the bikes\melta tanks. Bring in the last shooty squad anywhere the shots seem needed.