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    Angels of Wrath (DA Successor)

    While I continue to work on the Angels of Wrath creation fluff, I wanted to get a critique on a 1500 list.

    This list is shooty and relies heavily on picking apart the enemy from range with substantial hvy weapon fire.

    HQ (220) - Company Master with Strom Bolter, Command Squad with Company Banner
    Elite (480) - 2 Squad of Deathwing with Cyclone Missile Launcher and Chain fist on one non-spec Marine (not the Sgt or the CML carrier)
    Troop (350) - 2 Squad of 10 Marines with Missile Launcher
    Troop (185) - 1 Squad of 10 Marines with Lascannon

    Heavy (265) - 1 Dev Squad with 4 Plasma Cannons

    Total 1500 points


    When in doubt call in an ordnance strike.

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    If your aiming to go with massed firepower then my advice is to ditch one of the missile troop choices and make a second 5 man squad of devs. maybe with heavy bolters. or missile

    with heavy bolters you have weight of fire...and lets face it agsint anything other than power armour it usually tears right through and often wounds. It will also VASTLY improve anti horde ability for your army. which i see as one of it's current weak points

    A missile squad will give you good staying power, able to spread the damage over tighly packed troops and hordes or anti tank when needed. versatile relativly cheap and effective... a good choice

    Ditch the chainfists on your terminators. their jsut not worth it and it buys you a few more points.. one other thing i advise is this..DO NOT DEEPSTRIKE THEM. this i say for several reason. 1 the enemy will most likely concentrate on these uber death dealers... not wanting them to reach his lines. as we all know termis love to live through any onslaught so your termis might take a pasting but the rest of your army (and precious heavy weapons) will most likely escape unscathed

    by starting with them on the board you also have more firepower to play with giving you more options in shooting and concentrating firepower

    split your tactical squads into combat squads.. thus getting more targets for the enmy to target and more confusion for them. plus you can force leadership tests for shooting keeping your rear heavy weapons alivce a little longer.

    as always deploy devs in cover and were possible giving good line of sight and little need to relocate.

    advance with the termis to buy time for rest of your army to shoot, advance bolter armed combat squads and commmand squads to put pressure on enemy and tie up any threats while focusing your firepower on a enemy unit ata time till it is removed totally.

    I to play a very firepower heavy DA list but i find tying up critical enemy squads to be one of the best ways to retain our firepower advantage.

    good luck and find the fallen

    I got lost on the road of life

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