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    3000 points of Black Templars

    Hey. Heres an army list thats supposed to represent a Crusade against the Tyranids and I tried to balance it out so that it can take out the bugs or face any other opponent. Tell me what you think.

    *Marshal Varnes: 127 points
    -w/PW,SB,terminator armor,teleporter homer

    *Deathwatch Kill-Team: 300 points
    -w/(1x)captian w/PW,bolter-melta combo,(2x)hvy. bolters,(7x)bolters,CCW

    *Emporers Champion Armentes: 140 points
    -w/accept any challenge, no matter the odds

    *Dreadnought Maximus: 140 points
    -w/twin-linked lascannon,missle launcher,extra armor

    *Sword Breathern Terminator Squad Casius: 298 points (w/Marshal)
    -w/(2x)assault cannons,(4x)PF,SB,furious charge

    *Crusader Squad "Alpha": 235 points
    -w/(1x)PF,BP,(1x)meltagun,(2x)bolters,(6x)BP,CCW,(5x)neophytes w/BP,CCW

    *Crusader Squad "Bravo": 235 points
    -w/(1x)PF,BP,(1x)meltagun,(2x)bolters,(6x)BP,CCW,(5x)neophytes w/BP,CCW

    *Crusader Squad "Delta": 490 points (w/Emporers Champion)
    -w/(1x)PF,BP,(1x)meltagun,(8x)BP,CCW,(4x)neophytes w/BP,CCW,Land Raider Crusader

    Fast Attack:
    *Assault Squad Tiberius: 125 points

    *Assault Squad Gantius: 125 points

    *Land Speeder Tornado Squadron: 240 points
    -w/(3x)assault cannons,hvy. bolters

    Heavy Support:
    *Predator Annihilator #1: 138 points
    -w/twin-linked lascannon,hvy. bolter side sponsors,extra armor, smoke

    *Predator Annihilator #2: 138 points
    -w/twin-linked lascannon,hvy. bolter side sponsors,extra armor, smoke

    *Tyrannic War Veteran Squad Henghast: 268 points
    -w/(1x)PW,BP,(1x)hvy. bolter,(8x)bolters,rino w. extra armor,smoke

    TOTAL: 2,999 points

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