so i thought when the new da rules come out, what should i do? a successor chapter? if so which one?
i decided in the end that i liked the monochrome black of the angels of vengance, along with the unrelenting, take no prisoners feel of the army. i thought, suicide mission where we MUST take the bunker and 90% of our force will be wiped out? sounds like fun. so here it is....

Interrogator-Chaplain in Terminator armour @ 145pts
Librarian in Terminator armour @ 145pts

Deathwing Terminator squad @245pts
Sgt. w/power sword and assault weapon(it says in the rules that A terminator in the squad can take one, and that includes the sgt.)
2w/power claws and 2w/thunder shelds and storm hammers

Deathwing Terminator squad @245pts
Assault cannon, power fists, storm bolters (sgt. has power weapon)

Tac squad @180pts
5 extra men, plasmagun

Tac squad @180pts
5 extra men, plasmagun

Tac squad @180pts
5 extra men, plasmagun

LRC @ 280pts
Extra Armour, HK Missile

Predator@ 110pts
Heavy Bolter Sponsons, Extra armour

Devastator squad @190pts
4 Plasma cannons

so heres the plan. chaplain and assault termies in LRC speeding up to try and kill while librarian and shooty termies deathwing assault on first turn to support the assaulters, before joining in themselves. Predator is on crowd control with the LRC for the stupid tyranids that i face 75% of the time and the imperial guard i face 15% of the time(the other 10% is usually tau). Devastator squads are vehicle hunting and if i need to i will just assault a vehicle with lots of powerfists(i love terminators). The three Tac squads split into combat squads that march relentlessly up the table, capturing objectives/mopping up anything else that survived.

Criticism is welcome, but this army is more of a theme army, because winning all the time gets booring; my current record with all my armies combined (feral orks, speed freeks, world eaters, and SM) is 70 odd wins(i lost count)-1 loss(a fluke;the points were off)-And 1 tie(the first game i ever played)