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    1500 point Last Chancer

    So, this is a list I wrote just to have something to put some cool looking non Cadian models in. I own all of the models on the list which is a nice change. As you can see I like my plasma, lascannons and vehicles. The chancers all usually deepstrike as separate units except schaeffer, kage, the psyker and the group of seven chancers which ride in the chimera. Ideal set up for me involves the chimera, demolisher and a sentinel or two attempting to flank the enemy that invariably sets up across from the basilisk russ and troop platoon. I do not use deepstrikers so much as suicide squads because my intent is to overwhelm the flank with mass plasma and melta and then move on. While this is an admirable tactic I find them unable to always survive for a second round of shooting. I may opt to infiltrate them instead next time.

    HQ Schaeffer
    Kage 110

    Advisor psycher
    Force weapon 62

    Troops chancer x7
    specialist x5
    plasma x5 152

    chancer x4
    specialist x4
    plasma x4 104

    chancer x2
    specialist x2
    melta x2 52

    chancer x2
    specialist x2
    melta x2 52

    demo charge 26 558

    iron discipline
    Lascannon 70

    squad 1
    Lascannon 85

    squad 2
    lascannon 85 240

    Transport chimera
    heavy bolter
    pintle stubber
    extra armor 102 102

    Heavy Support Basilisk
    Indirect Fire 125

    Leman Russ
    hull LC
    heavy bolters 165

    hull LC
    sponson plasma
    extra armor 190 480

    Fast Attack sentinel
    extra armor 60

    extra armor 60 120 1500
    I played this one twice today and it did quite well. Please excuse the vagueness of my descriptions of my enemies I am not too expereinced with any other armies. I won against CSM with bloodletters (khorne i think) and Deathcompany.
    First game was against Chaos and that went really well. I got first turn and managed to destroy the squad of marines that were going to summon the bloodletters before his second turn. One of my sentinels took down his Landraider on the second shot of the game. His remaining two squads of marines, 10 men each, were mopped up with little trouble as they never got into close combat. His demon prince posed a threat as my deepstriking chancers with meltas and plasma seemed to be adverse to landing anywhere near him. He proceeded to eat 15 guardsmen and a sentinel before he was stopped. There was a moment in the game where in my shooting phase he had a demolisher, LR, basilisk and 6 plasma weapons pointed at him. All he was missing was a little umbrella to hold over his head. The deepstriking demo charge guy not only managed buy himself back by splattering four CSM he also managed to survive the battle which is always a plus in my book.
    Main thing I worried about in this game was the squad of four deepstriking plasmas and 2 meltas that managed to miss the demon prince and ended up shooting at marines in cover instead. They didn't buy back their points and got slaughtered. Also when the Shaeffer's chancers busted out of the back of the chimera though they did kill the demon prince with rapid fire it was somewhat alarming to see about half die to overheat
    Second battle was not pretty. I set up in two corners, Demolisher, bassie, chimera sentinel and ten man squad in one corner facing 15-20 marines and a dreadnaught, and in the other corner my russ, 15 guys, and a sentinel facing 8 death company with jetpacks and souped up librarian and 10 marines. I had a decent first turn taking out 6 deathcompany then things went to hell. The long and the short of it was that due to the ill will of the dice gods, the game came down to me with one sentinel, schaeffer and the psyker, the basilisk and ten guardsmen. vs his godlike librarian and the remnants of three CSM marine squads. I finally managed to outshoot the marines and believe it or not, after loosing the initial combat with the librarian, 7 remaining guardsmen managed to wound the librarian twice while the psyker and Shaeffer attacked without effect. I finaly took the librarian down with wounds from outnumbering him nine to one.
    Though he was lucky early on and I was apparently cursed for the first three turns, I managed to eke out the win though I think this was due as much to several poor calls on his part as any brilliance on mine.
    Overall while not great the list performed pretty well. I need to set up a little more according to my flanking plan and not so merely react to my enemy's setup. Another thing to change would be to drop the lascannons from the platoon in favor of HBs or perhaps even mortars if i merely intend them to act as bait and meatshield, cameoline may not be a poor investment either. Also, I can drop the psyker, easily enough although I find myself comforted by her presence, the threat she poses to closecombat gods cannot be underestimated. Another change to make might be to switch all plasma gunners in the last chancers to melta gunners so as not to kill a BS 4 26 point model with an overheat. Perhaps I could compensate for the lack of firepower with more meltagunners though I would not likely have the stopping power against horde armies. Another thing I am likely to do if I decide to follow the flanking idea is to drop the lascannon and plasmas on the demolisher for HBs all around.
    Options for upgrade to 1850 include a hellhound and perhaps another sentinel or two as well as more troops and special weapons for the platoon. I can also add a few more chancers to the list or give more weapons to the ones I have. Anything that lets me capitalize on their BS4 is going to help. Another good option is an hq with 4 flamers and deepstrike. that's always fun and would allow heavy weapon squads.
    Well, that's all for now. That was my first battle since Christmas so I have more questions now than answers so sorry for the long post. Good news is, a hardened band of guard under the direction of the infamous Col. Shaeffer managed to chalk up 2 more wins for the emperor. Chancers 2/0/0 chaos 0/0/1 marines 0/0/1.

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    first off a quick question, does it say that Schaeffer replaces the mandatory HQ? i cant remember but if it doesnt you will need one.

    As for the list drop the extra armour on sentinels it isnt worth it. Lascannons on sentinels IMO are a bad idea, you have deepstriking melta ad plasma in abundance you also already have lascannons in your troops section, the demolisher also has plasma cannons so IMO they arnt needed, multilasers are far far cheaper and much better. If you face lots of tanks they can also drop in behind and kill them more easily the a lascannon.

    hope that helps


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