I am using the traits of the Imperial Fists, keeping it fluffy.

Captain Lysander

4 Terminators
2 Assault Cannons

5 Terminators
2 Cyclone Missile Launchers

5 Assault Terminators
4 Lightning Claws
Thunder Hammer

X3 8 Marines
Heavy Bolter
Plasma Gun

8 Scouts
7 Sniper Rifles
Missile Launcher

X2 Land Speeder Tornado

5 Scout Bikes
melta bombs
teleport homer

X2 6 Devestators
3 Missile Launchers
Tank Hunters

64 Marines and 2 Tornadoes
I like to keep fluffy with my lists. I don't think I went crazy on the Lysander rule but it is enough cc to take most armies with the help of my support.