Alright i've got a 3000pt team tourney(1500 a piece) coming up...I'm not sure yet what my ally will be or what type of army he will field......but as for MY half this is how it looks

HQ - epistolary
jump pack, bolt pistol, powers, iron halo

Troops -

8 marine tac squad
2x melta guns Vetsarge with fist

8 man tac squad
1x plasma gun 1x plasma cannon
vet sarge with fist

8 man tac squad
1x plasma gun 1x plasma cannon

8 man scout squad
7 snipers 1 heavy bolter

8 man scout squad
6 snipers 1 BP-ccw 1 Heavy Bolter


8 marine Assault squad
vet sarge with fist

heavy -

8 man devistator
4x Missile launchers


I know my weakness for MY half of the army will not be horde armies...but fleeting Armies....

Not so much nids i'm worried about...but Fleeting MEQ's(chaos)

nids i'm pretty dead on when it comes to target priority and getting rid of what i have to before any CC comes into play..and once that starts i usually get the upper hand(can't make hits/wounds for CRAP...but lord knows i can save 70+ marines a game easy)

I'm not really interested in tweakin the list TOO much because the tourney's soon and i have to have the list in within the next day or two.......

the other model options i have...are some Speeder tornadoes...
and a lone rhino/razorback/whirlwind I can throw in..and two dreads