This is my buddy's list. He wanted some comments/advice.

Significant Divergence:
Heed the Wisdom of The Ancients, Trust Your Battle Brothers, Eye to Eye, Death Before Dishonor


Master- Termy Armour, Storm Bolter, Thunder Hammer
+command squad- Termy Chaplain (Master of Sanctity)- w/ storm bolter
+ command squad- 5 termies, one's a sarge with a power weapon, one has an assault cannon


Dread w/ venerable, heavy flamer and assault cannon

Assault termies- 3 with lightning claws, sarge and one w/ storm shield and thunder hammer


Scouts- 5 w/ sniper rifles

2x Tac squad- 5 marines, 1 w/ heavy bolter

2x Tac squad- 5 marines, 1 w/ missile launcher

Fast Attack

Land speeders- 2 w/ heavy bolters + assault cannons

Heavy Support

Whirlwind- Vengeance missiles

Land Raider Crusader