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Thread: 1500pts vs Tau

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    1500pts vs Tau

    Drop Troops
    Iron Discipline
    Close Order Drill

    HQ -115-
    Junior Officer
    Honourifica Imperialis
    Iron Discipline
    Melta-gun x4

    My plan with the HQ squad is primarily going to be tank hunting. I'l be deep striking them close to the enemies tanks/elites, it seems quicker and more effective than using a chimera. I'm wondering whether iron discipline is worth it since they'll be away from my troops.

    Elites -150-

    Hardened Veterans (5)
    Plasma gun x3

    Hardened Veterans (5)
    Melta-gun x3

    The veterans are going to be used as suicide troops to take out the elites/heavy support of the enemy army. They seem more worthwhile than using Special weapons squads because of the cheaper weapons and BS4

    Troops -458-

    Infantry platoon - DROP TROOPS

    Junior officer
    Iron Discipline
    Plasma gun x4
    Squad 1
    Plasma gun

    Squad 2
    Plasma gun

    Armoured Fist

    Squad 3
    Plasma gun

    Hull mounted heavy bolter
    Turret mounted heavy bolter
    Smoke launchers
    I'm not really a big fan of infantry so i haven't included much in this list. The armoured fist is going to be used to take objectives because I personally think storm troopers are over-rated and average guardsmen can get the job done just as well.
    The main platoon is going to be used as a meat shield to engage enemy infantry and to hopefully use the lascannons and plasma guns to destroy some expensive troops/tanks
    The command squad can hunt elites with the 4 plasma guns
    Heavy Support -430-

    Leman russ demolisher
    Sponson mounted plasma cannons
    Hull mounted lascannon
    Smoke launchers

    Leman russ 1
    Sponson mounted heavy bolters
    Hull mounted heavy bolter
    Smoke launchers

    Leman russ 2
    Sponson mounted heavy bolters
    Hull mounted heavy bolter
    Smoke launchers

    The leman russ heavy bolters will be able to deal with any infantry while the battle cannons can kill any tougher troops. The Demolisher/plasma cannons can either shoot at vehicles or at high save troops and the lascannon can take out tanks.

    Daemonhunter Allies – 245-

    4 Grey knight terminators 1 Brother captain [245]

    I know loads of people are going to say GKTs are a waste of points, but I bought the models and want to use them purely because they look good. Plus IG could use a bit of assault support.

    = 1398
    Could I do anything to make this army effective against anything but Tau?
    I have 102 points spare and don’t know what to use it on. I don’t want to get any more guard squads otherwise I would have lots of models I wouldn’t be using since I’l only need 10.
    A heavy support squad maybe?
    Thank you for your time and opinions

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