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    Space wolves team tournament[1000]

    Hi All,

    In about a month we have a team tournament, i am goign to play with a friend of mine that has just started with space wolfs and i created a list for him. i never played with space wolfs so i don't know all of them but i studied the book and some tactica's on the net and i came up with the following list.

    don't worry about the low anti-tank, i am goign to play a heavy weapon frenzy dark eldar list sooo... :shifty:


    Rune priest
    -frost weapon
    -bolt pistol
    -belt of russ
    -wolf tooth neckless
    -wolf pelt

    Venerable dreadnought
    -assault cannon
    -extra armor


    10xGrey hunter squad
    -2x Plasmapistols
    -2x Powerfists
    -Smoke launcher
    -extra armor

    12x Blood claw pack
    -3x powerfist

    11x Blood claw pack
    -3x powerfist

    total of 997 points

    As you can see this is a total close combat based army.
    any oppinions on this list will be very appriciated!
    if you think i should change this list or use other option please tell(everything can chance accept the ver dreadnought, he just wants it in his list...)

    the link to the dark eldar list:

    Thanks a lot in advanced!


    put in the link to the dark eldar list

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    Not worrying about anti-armour indeed I suggest you drop all of those meltaguns and get a few more blood claws. The dark lances are good enough to take care of enemy armour and by the time the meltaguns get in range you want those extra blood claws more than a few shots.

    As for the Grey Hunters, looking at the Dark Eldar list I suggest you drop the plasma pistols in addition to the meltagun for a plasmagun and bolters. Dark Eldar warriors will give cover fire, blood claws advance for close combat. The grey hunters could be your reserve to roll up and give a rapid-fire barrage where and when they're most needed. It's always good to have a tactical reserve.

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